The origin and development of yoga

The origin and development of yoga

Yoga originated in India and is popular in the world.

The term yoga originally meant driving horses and horses. Since ancient times, she has also represented certain practices or exercises that predict to help achieve the highest goals.

In the Yoga Sutra by the ancient sage Patanjali, it is precisely defined as “control over the action of the heart”.

  Yoga has a long history in India.

There is a close relationship at the same time as we know in the ancient Indian Brahmin system. In India, people believe that through yoga can complicate the pain of reincarnation, the inner self will be one with the Supreme Self of the universe; through yoga, the seeds of reincarnationBurned, the subject of the heart is realized, and all obstacles will not exist.

In India, it is difficult to distinguish the relationship between yoga and Hinduism. In some, in the scriptures, in life, in many areas, the relationships are fused with each other.

  Yoga is one of the oldest physical exercises in the East.

It originated in BC and is the crystallization of human wisdom.

Yoga is also the understanding of life from the intuition of Indian sages in the deepest state of meditation and calmness.

The secret of yoga practice is the code of mutual reference between theory and practice.

  It is said that on the 8000-meter-high Mount of Our Lady in ancient India, some people became saints and others became practitioners. They taught the secrets of cultivation to those who wanted to pursue them, and have continued to this day.

  Yoga practitioners started with only a few people, usually in monasteries, large small houses, the Himalayas and dense forests. They were taught by yogis to disciples who were willing to accept them.

After that, yoga gradually spread among ordinary Indians.

  Today’s yoga is a practice of human science that has been summarized from the practice of the Indian people for thousands of years. It is no longer the only secret left by a few recluse people.

Yoga has now spread throughout the world.

There are many schools specializing in yoga in India.

Yoga has his complete set of practice methods from the physical to the spiritual. Today’s yoga only belongs to some form of philosophy and religion. It has a broader meaning, lasts for thousands of years, and has strong vitality.

  When the practitioner of yoga enters the deepest level in deep meditation, he will awaken the true state of life and the perfect state of life, and thus obtain the combination of individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness, awaken the energy of inner sleep, and obtain the highest enlightenmentMaximum pleasure.

  The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit transliteration and has the meaning of integration and connection. This is also the consistency and purpose of yoga. It is the meaning of concentrating for meditation.

But what exactly is “combined” with?

In fact, yoga is to regulate the “combination” of human instincts from higher to higher. In the same way, it can also be “combined” from higher to higher or combined with self.

It also means being assimilated with the Supreme Cosmic Spirit, freeing yourself from suffering and disaster.

Jumping rope kicking scorpion can also be raised

Jumping rope kicking scorpion can also be raised

Jumping rope kicking scorpion can also raise the body skipping jump out of healthy skipping rope is to exercise the heart, improve cardiopulmonary function, promote aerobic exercise of blood and blood, can move wrists, ankles, buttocks, arms and other parts, so that the joints of these parts remain flexibleDegree, to avoid osteoporosis and other symptoms.

  At the same time, skipping can also consume a small amount, effectively preventing cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure.

In addition, skipping can also promote blood and blood circulation, maintain blood and blood, and improve the body’s ability to metabolize.

  Precautions Choose a flat and wide space for sports, and it is advisable to use grass or wooden floors.

  Be careful to prepare activities before skipping, to avoid sprains in the joints, and wear moderately soft shoes.

Time should be appropriate, not more than half an hour each time.

  Kicking the kick kicks the disease kicking the shuttlecock can move to the knee joints, cross joints, hip joints, etc., which can improve the flexibility and bone activity of these parts and contribute to bone health.

  In addition, when kicking the scorpion, it is necessary to cooperate with the eyes and hands and feet to exercise the agility and coordination of the human body, and to regulate the nerves and eliminate the pressure.

In short, kicking the scorpion can enhance bone health, regulate nerve function, and promote blood circulation, which is a good way to exercise health.

  Precautions Warm up the body joints before kicking the scorpion.

Do not exercise immediately after a meal, wait for half an hour before moving on.

  The kicking scorpion should be gradual, gradually slower at the beginning, and gradually speed up through the movement.


The five flavors of the diet are beautiful and balanced

The five flavors of the diet are beautiful and balanced

Supplementary nutrition should be balanced. The Neijing said that “the heavens eat people with five qi, the earth eats people with five flavors”, that is, “the people eat food as heaven”, but how to “eat” is sophisticated and learned.

“Su Wen · Ang Tong Tong Tian Lun” said: “The birth of Yin is in Wuwei, the fifth house of Yin is wounded in Wuwei.

The taste is too acidic, the liver qi is tonic, and the temper is terrible; the taste is too salty, the bones are tired, short muscles, and the heart is suppressed; the taste is too sweet, the heart is full of gas, the color is dark, the kidney is imbalanced;Do not sting, the stomach is thick; too much flavor, muscle veins relax, the spirit is central.

Therefore, the health principles of “honour and five flavors” are put forward, and it is committed that only the reconciliation of the five flavors can make people “bone and tendons are soft, blood is flowing, reason is dense”, and “there is destiny”.

  This point is that experts estimate that nutrition should be balanced.

In addition to the mentality of “kindness” and “optimism,” the mother of Jia in “Dream of Red Mansions” is not gluttonous or partial, but he should avoid fatness, eat fast regularly, and take appropriate dietary therapy in a timely manner. He also usually pays attention to “moderate cure”Waiting is also an important aspect.

  ”Su Wen · Ang Tong Tong Tian Lun” said: “At that time, I was full, my veins were flat, and my bowel was hemorrhoids.

“Su Wen Bi Bi” also said: “Dietary self-doubling, the stomach is hurt.

It can be seen that excessive drought results in insufficient gas, and full stomach can easily damage the stomach and intestines, cause illness, and even produce phlegm and fire.There is a statement that “save a bite for dinner, walk a hundred steps after a meal, and live ninety-nine”.

Sun Simiao also said that “the salvation has been saved, but it is enough to stop before it is full.” These are all justified.

  Some people have investigated the dietary characteristics of several centenarians in Rugao, Jiangsu, the famous hometown of longevity. Their most fundamental secret lies in: thickness matching, vegetarian matching, distance matching, cooling matching, which fully guarantees the body energy.And nutritional balance, which provides a reliable material basis for longevity.

  ”Su Wen · Ang Tong Tong Tian Lun” said: “The change of the anointing beam is full of birth.

“The diet should be light.” Fish generates fire, meat produces sputum, and vegetables and tofu are safe. “This is the traditional diet structure of the Chinese people.

After the reform and opening up, people ‘s living standards have continued to improve, and the diet structure has also continued to be westernized. There are more and more substitutions caused by irrational structures.

As the saying goes, illness comes from the mouth.

Of course, clinical complications such as hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hyperuricemia, and mild liver are all eaten.

Therefore, “Su Wen · Dirty Qi Methodology” states that “poisons attack evil, grains are nourished, five fruits are assisted, five animals are benefited, five dishes are filled, smells are served, and the essence is replenished.”, Which is still our principle of balanced diet.

  The four seasons diet should be reconciled ★ Spring. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine health theory, in the spring, the yang is born, and artificially adapt to the natural world, you should also supplement the yang in the body at any time to adapt to its growth trend.

However, it should be noted that too much hair can easily cause fire.

Therefore, in the spring when the sun is growing, in order to prevent the hair from growing too much, it is necessary to pay attention to the lightness of the scale, and it is not appropriate to eat a lot of greasy fried products.

Otherwise, the accumulation of heat in the lungs and stomachs, and the upper mouth smokes, which may easily cause oral ulcers and other diseases.

  In the early spring, people should eat more chicken, animal liver, fish, lean meat, egg yolk, milk, soy milk and other nutritional products, as well as onion, ginger, garlic and other warm foods to dispel the cold.

In early spring, you can eat jujube, honey, yam and other foods that nourish the spleen and stomach.

In the early spring, a light diet should be the main source. In addition to eating high-quality protein foods and fruits and vegetables, you can add mung bean soup, red bean soup, plum soup, and green tea to prevent heat buildup in the body.

  ★ Xia Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Xia belongs to fire, and the heart is full of qi.

People with chronic diseases in the summer, especially those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, should pay more attention. Even if they have a cold, they may also change from the respiratory system to affect the heart, and even endanger life.

Therefore, in the mid-summer season, it is more appropriate to take medicine for strengthening qi and strengthening heart, dissipating blood stasis and clearing pulses, and relieving evils.

There is a saying in the folk saying, “Eating radish in the summer and ginger in the summer, and doctors who do n’t pay for it”, eating ginger in the summer not only warms the stomach, conforms to the traditional Chinese medicine theory of “spring, summer, and yang,” but also stimulates the heart and helps protect the heart.
  ★ Dry Qi is always used in autumn and autumn. Dry evil is most likely to hurt people’s lungs. This season, for patients with chronic bronchitis, you should pay attention to maintaining your lungs. If you eat more “Qiuli cream”, you also use jade.Bamboo soup, lily porridge, sesame seeds, walnut kernels and honey are served to nourish yin and lungs.

“Nei Jing” talks about autumn and winter nourishing yin.

  ★ Winter and winter is the order of the Tibetans. At this time, taking the drugs that nourish the liver and kidneys can enhance the kidney’s essence.

China has a tradition of tonic supplements since ancient times.

With kidney qi and strong kidney essence, the body is naturally plentiful, and the disease resistance ability will be enhanced automatically. In the coming spring, there will be no less or less feverish diseases.

In addition, tonic supplements in winter can also promote the growth and development of young people, the elderly to promote longevity, and delay aging.

How to reduce swelling in the face teach you effective swelling methods

How to reduce swelling in the face teach you effective swelling methods

Face edema is caused by various reasons such as poor sleep or drinking too much water at night, so how to effectively swell the face?

Share a few effective facial swelling methods today so that your face is no longer puffy.

  1. Drink a cup of black coffee in the morning. Drinking black coffee in the morning is a very effective way to reduce edema, because the caffeine contained in coffee is the most natural body drainage agent, which can help the body to eliminate excess water, but it is best toEat breakfast before being hospitalized to avoid harming gastrointestinal function.

  2, milk + vinegar with towel hot milk has a whitening and firming effect, can alleviate the situation of edema, such as using an appropriate amount of milk and a small amount of vinegar with boiling water and mix thoroughly, apply to the puffy part of the face, gently massage for 3-5 minutes, And then apply a hot towel for a moment, you can instantly swelling.

  3. Persist in exercise Persist in exercise can help improve your complexion and be good for your health. At the same time, a lot of sweating after exercise can help eliminate the salt that is trapped inside the body and achieve the effect of edema throughout the body, and the face is not easy to swell.

Aerobic exercise during the period, the best effect of gradual gymnastics.

  4, hot bath swelling If you have extra time in the morning, you can take a hot bath to reduce swelling, help promote blood circulation in the body, help to drain excess water from the body, and achieve the effect of swelling the face.

  5. Adjusting the height of the pillow Generally, the facial edema starts from the eyes, and some eyelids will become noticeably swollen. This may be caused by the pillow being too low when you sleep. Just adjust the height of the pillow.All right.

  6. Avoid sleeping and drinking too much water at night. Some people drink too much water before going to bed at night, and they are also prone to edema, so friends who are prone to facial edema should drink more water during the day, try to drink less water at night, and then drink too much at night.Watery bodies can also cause facial edema if not completely excreted.

  7, in addition to tea with edema on the face, if the eyes also have edema, you can use tea to compress the eyes to reduce swelling.

Freeze a small cup of tea in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, then immerse the tea in a cotton pad, and then apply it to the eyelids to relieve the puffiness of the eye bags.

  8. Massage to reduce swelling It is also effective to eliminate facial swelling through facial massage.

Facial massage and lifting can promote facial metabolism, which can help you gradually and effectively relieve facial edema.

First place the middle fingers on both sides of the nose, and then push the line that replaces the bridge of the nose upwards. Repeat for a while, then place the palms above the cheeks and gently pull upwards. Repeat the procedure again.

Out of myth: Are you blowing your nose right?

Out of myth: Are you blowing your nose right?

In daily life, blowing your nose is a common thing, but not many people can really blow your nose correctly.

If we inadvertently handle small actions such as plucking our noses and blowing our noses, it may cause big trouble.

There are many similar situations in life. I think nasal congestion and runny nose are colds, and stuffing tissues to stop nosebleeds is actually wrong.

  Misunderstanding 1: Clamp the nose and blow your nose. We can often see someone holding toilet paper around the nostril, then inserting it on both sides of the nose, and forcefully rub the nasal secretions on both sides at the same time.

In fact, this is not desirable.

Blowing the nose in this way may cause bacterial or viral secretions inside the nasal cavity to flow into the nasopharynx in the back of the nasal cavity.Inflammation occurs and the robe causes acute otitis media or chronic otitis media.

  The correct way to blow your nose is to press firmly into the skin on the outside of the nostril and squeeze the secretions in the contralateral nasal cavity slightly.

  Misconception 2 Nasal congestion and runny nose are colds, nasal congestion, headache, sneezing, runny nose and other symptoms and symptoms, people naturally think of a cold, but after taking cold medicine, the above symptoms have not been eliminated, at this time you will notI think it may be sinusitis, because its symptoms are similar to colds.

  Many patients with rhinitis will be corrected with cold symptoms in the beginning, but they are actually quite different. Generally, they can be cured after 7 days of treatment. If the cold symptoms continue to occur and cannot be completely cured, it is necessary to go to the ENT department for further examination.
Especially in allergic rhinitis, too many patients think it is a recurrent cold. The reason is that the four major symptoms of allergic rhinitis are itchy nose, sneezing, runny nose, and stuffy nose.

  Misunderstanding 3 Paper towels to stop the nosebleed Some parents see the baby’s nosebleeds, often using toilet paper or cotton stuffed into the baby’s nasal cavity to stop bleeding, but often due to insufficient pressure or the wrong location, can not stop bleeding, but the blood flow more and more.

Baby’s nosebleeds are usually located forward, and by blocking the nose’s roots, bleeding can often stop within 10 minutes.

After the blood has stopped, blood clots will form. Do not remove the clot immediately to avoid bleeding again.

If you still cannot stop bleeding, repeat the above steps again.

If bleeding persists, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  Myth 4 Nasal congestion is commonly used for mouth breathing. Some patients with nasal congestion will involuntarily switch to mouth breathing to maintain normal gas exchange in the body.

There is hard and short nose hair in the nostril entrance, which can block pollen, broken fluff and dust in the air.

Using the mouth to replace nasal breathing for a long time will open the door for the long drive of the germs and increase the chance of respiratory infection.

Therefore, if the nose is not ventilated, you should go to the ENT department in time.

  Myth 5 Snoring is sleeping too much. People always think that snoring is a good performance of sleeping.

But more and more snorers find themselves having terrible dreams at night, lacking energy during the day, slow response, and memory loss.

If the snoring symptoms are mild, there is not much unnecessary.

However, when apnea occurs during snoring, sleep apnea syndrome may occur. The patient will have the above situation after sleep.

  Myth 6 Headaches have nothing to do with the nose. Patients with excessive headaches can’t detect problems in many departments of the hospital.

It was not until otolaryngology that these symptoms were related to the nose, a phenomenon known as nasal headache.

The most common cause of nasal headaches is sinusitis. Many patients with sinusitis begin to show headaches or dizziness, and even have headaches all the time. Atypical nasal congestion, runny nose, ear tightness and other symptoms.

Nasal headaches are easily disturbed by people. The location of such headaches is mostly in the forehead, with regularity. For example, headaches caused by maxillary rhinitis are generally lighter in the morning and significantly worse in the afternoon or night.

  Error area 7 Chronic sinusitis is not a big deal Many patients find chronic sinusitis to be a big deal, just take medicine to maintain it, it will have a small impact on work and life anyway, and it will not affect physical health.

Chronic sinusitis is a chronic purulent inflammation of the sinuses.

Patients with chronic sinusitis may cause craniocerebral pulmonary complications.

After medication, most patients with chronic sinusitis can be cured after surgery.

  Misunderstanding 8: Use nasal drops when the nose is not clear. Many patients with nasal congestion use nasal drops every day.

If there is nasal congestion and bad ventilation during severe cold, some nasal drops can be used to quickly relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion.

But it should be noted that it can only be used for a short period of time, and the symptoms can be replaced, and it can not exceed a week.

Long-term use of ephedrine nasal drops can cause nasal mucosal blood vessels to be in a constricted state and induce drug-induced rhinitis.

Health Taste Recipes Crab Noodles with Tomato Sauce

Health Taste Recipes Crab Noodles with Tomato Sauce

Shrimp and crab are rich in protein and are suitable for winter consumption, but because the weather is not yet frozen, you need to add some appetizing flavor.

In this column, I have introduced the eating methods of shrimp and crab several times, but not many of them are combined to make an alignment.

The crabmeat and tomato sauce braised shrimp was tasted by the author when I was looking for food in Hong Kong recently. Because of its simple preparation and good taste, I would like to talk with the kings.

  Ingredients: 300 grams of shrimp, 50 grams of hairy crabs (after removing meat), sesame oil, red pepper oil, various parts of sweet and sour juice, salt, eggplant juice, ginger juice, rice wine, peanut oil.

  Method: Wash the shrimp and remove the intestines and head. Heat the pan and fry until the shrimp shell is crispy. Splash the rice wine and ginger juice, add the eggplant juice, sweet and sour juice and crab flour, boil over medium heat, then add red oil and sesame oil.Harvest juice and serve.

Men and women who love the internet

Men and women who love the internet

A man who loves surfing the Internet is a man who is not married.

After the marriage, the man’s ears are full of wife’s nagging, the child’s crying, trying to do the housework, and hey!

How can I get online?

What’s more important is that the purse is seen by his wife, letting you stare at the fluorescent screen.

  A man who loves surfing the Internet is a man without a girlfriend.

Love, you have to spend the previous month, murmur.

Although I really want to go online, my girlfriend can’t help it!

When fish and bear’s paw can’t have both, they have to give up the net and ask for a girlfriend.

Even if you and your friend have agreed, you will meet at a chat room sometime tomorrow night, but you do n’t want to call your girlfriend: “Go shopping with me at night?

“Everything is gone.

It doesn’t matter once or twice. Often, netizens have to scold you for not keeping your promise.

One of the ways to avoid this kind of problem is not to chat or make appointments. The best way is not to go online and stay with your girlfriend.

  Men who love the Internet are men without friends.

If a web worm tells you that he has a lot of friends, don’t believe it.

Do not believe you ask him: Where does your friend live?

What does it look like?

how old?

Is it male or female?

He promised he could not answer any of them.

Because in their view, friends in life are nothing more than chatting, smoking, and drinking. This is a waste of money, time, and life.

Seventy or eighty years of life is short enough, why bother with yourself?

  The men who love surfing the Internet are poor men.

Because there is no money, watching the counter on the screen is tens of dollars higher, so that hurts in my heart, let alone mention it.

I hate myself as the director of the Post and Telecommunications Bureau. I can go online all day without paying half a penny.

When it was time to pay the fees, I saw Baihuahua’s “silver money” flowing out, and the wallet also went down. The joy when I was paid was replaced by a tragedy: salary is important, poverty is difficult to endure.Both can be thrown.

It’s better to buy less clothes, not less to surf the Internet, and stay up all night even if you don’t eat.

  Men who love to go online are men who have no home or time.

Because I love to surf the Internet, I do n’t bother to go home if the unit can access the Internet, and I do n’t care about anything at home.

  A man who loves surfing the Internet may sometimes be lonely, but he cannot always be lonely.

It’s just that men who go online face two different societies at the same time: one is real and the other is virtual.

They may play two distinct roles in reality and virtual, because regardless of the real society and virtual society, it is a big stage in itself.

  Loneliness can also be shared online.

  The Internet used to be a man’s paradise, but as a woman in the sky, the Internet is indispensable for them.

For the first time, women may be because the Internet can restructure their vanity.

After all, in real life, this phenomenon is rare for most women.

  A woman who loves the net can be beautiful and ordinary, but all have a lonely heart.

This loneliness is profound.It looks like a beautiful plant growing in the shadows, but nobody cares about it.

As a result, it grew even more crazy, just to get the pity of someone.

Whether ordinary or beautiful woman, she can talk to you with laughter, and can also tell you the heart and soul.

But the corners of her eyes and brows always show the loneliness you can’t understand.

Just because she is a woman, just because a woman has the greatest tolerance and suspicion.

She couldn’t easily believe anyone unless she surrounded love.

  However, the Internet is different. It is popular with women for its virtuality.

Here she can show her loneliness with any stranger.

Because she thought it was safe.

  The women who love the network may be married or unmarried, but they all have loneliness.

Loneliness is at home alone one day, organizing the children’s diary, but inadvertently found his young love letter; loneliness is at the dinner party, Chinese clothing and wine, clever smiles, and only face the silence of the room after removing makeup.

In fact, the Internet is just a tool. Really disguise the mask at the prom. With it, women can pour out all their loneliness without restraint.

  The women who love the net have some happiness and some misfortune.

In fact, loneliness is hidden in everyone’s heart.

When you are happy, it will come to trouble; when you are sad, it will add fuel to the fire.

  Loneliness can also be shared online.

When should solid food be added to my baby?

When should solid food be added to my baby?

[Guide]Mothers often ask, when should babies start eating solid food?

Adding complementary foods to your baby is a scientific process and requires mothers to master scientific and appropriate methods.

Below, the experts will personally guide you when and how to add solid food to your baby.

  The criterion for judging the timing of a baby’s eating solid food is when the baby can sit up with the help of a support, can control his neck stably, and can turn his head to the other side.

This usually happens when the child is 4-6 months old.

  Experts recommend: first vegetables, then fruits, then vegetables, then fruits.

The reason is that humans are born with a preference for the “sweetness” of fruits.

If babies learn to eat fruits first, then they are less likely to want vegetables, because vegetables are not as sweet as fruits.

  Fruit juice mixture; and at least 4-6 seconds per day (about 113.


8g), too much may cause diarrhea.

  How to feed your baby solid food?

  Feeding solid foods can start with rice, as cereals are the least likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

You should start with a very small amount, about a teaspoon of cereal mixed with a few teaspoons of breast milk or milk substitute.

If this kind of cereal is too thick, it will be difficult for the baby to cope and may cause blockage.

  Therefore, feeding solid food to your baby should not be too thick, it should be fluid, and you should use a small spoon suitable for your child’s mouth to allow the porridge to flow into your child’s mouth.

Some porridge may flow out of the baby’s mouth because the baby is not used to putting food behind the mouth to swallow them.

At first, the child may not eat after just a few mouthfuls.

Cereals containing oats, barley, and wheat can be fed at the age of 6 months; vegetables and fruits can be fed at the age of 6-8 months.

  In order to identify possible food allergies, only one new food should be used for each new feeding, and at least 3 days must be used before another new food can be used.

The foods most likely to cause allergic reactions are wheat, peanuts, citrus fruits or juices, milk, fish, and egg white.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction are diarrhea, rash, vomiting, and colic (often abdomen).

Do n’t keep these poisonous flowers at home

Do n’t keep these poisonous flowers at home

Flowers and plants in the home are like a “natural oxygen bar”. If you raise them well, they are pleasing to the eye and good for your health. If you do n’t raise them well, they may be counterproductive.

  Ivy smoking, living room, fortune tree, moisturizing pendulum, seven corners, seven flower floor windows, sun rooms, green plants, flowers . These pleasing layouts have increasingly appeared in families.

Although the flowers and plants are good, they are not arbitrarily placed, and if they are not properly placed, they will affect health.

You Jie, an associate professor in the Department of Agronomy at China Agricultural University, suggested that it is best to choose different flowers and plants according to the different characteristics of each corner of the house.

  The living room has ivy vacuuming and smoking mist.

Professor Liu Yan of Botany, College of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University said that ivy, figs, pitcher plants and aloe vera can deal with bacteria, small bugs, etc. brought back from above, and even absorb fine dust.

And ivy can absorb smoke and resist carcinogens in making nicotine.

  The bedroom has cacti that provide oxygen.

You Jie said that the bedroom is more suitable for placing flowers and plants that can absorb exhaust gas such as carbon dioxide.

For example, the stomata on the succulent stem of a cactus are closed during the day and opened at night, which can produce oxygen and increase the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air.

In addition, tigertail orchid, aloe, and spider plant absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen throughout the day, while agave and rooting are also effective for purifying the night air.

  The kitchen places spider plants to purify the air.

The kitchen is a place where oil fume is generated. Liu Yan said that there are inverters to purify the air, such as spider plant, green dill, and adiantum, to drive off mosquitoes.

Studies have shown that Chlorophytum can absorb a variety of harmful gases indoors, especially its ability to absorb formaldehyde, and can reduce bacteria and microorganisms in the air.

  Suggests refreshing mint.

Flowers such as mint and jasmine have a refreshing effect, and are best placed on the desk in the study, which can help improve the efficiency of study and work.

The leaves of the leaf orchid will change temperature and change into green, white, pink, and pink in a cyclic manner. It can also be placed next to it, which can nourish temperament.

  Huwei is hygroscopic in the bathroom.

Some small, shade-resistant, germicidal plants, tiger tigertail, ivy, mosquito repellent, ferns, mint, etc. can be placed beside the toilet and the sink.

In particular, the leaves of tigertail orchids can absorb water vapor in the air, which is ideal for bathrooms.

  Species creepers on the balcony reduce the sun’s radiation.

The balcony is well-lit, and many hi-yang ornamental plants can be placed, sometimes chrysanthemum, camellia, jasmine, azalea, kumquat, rose, rose, etc.

In addition, climbing plants such as creepers, grapes, morning glory, wisteria, and roses are planted around the home to form a green pergola, which can reduce sunlight radiation and indoor temperature.

  The porch releases a fortune tree to maintain humidity.

You Jie said that it is not appropriate to cultivate delicate plants in the entrance.

Professor Liu Yan said that in the porch, some high-stem plants such as aquatic rich bamboos, rich trees, and banyan trees are placed in the windows, which is helpful to maintain the humidity balance in the room.Pleasure.

  There are young children who don’t have a bunch of red daffodils, sensitive pregnant women, frail elderly, and active children. They also need special care when choosing flowers and plants.

  Pregnant women: Professor Yao Lei, director of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Aromatic Plant R & D Center, reminded that some aroma plants may cause abortion or diarrhea, such as lavender, fennel, spearmint, etc. It should not be smelled frequently by pregnant women, so as not to affect fetal growth.

In addition, the aromatic odor of pine and cedar flowers and plants has a stimulating effect on the human stomach and intestines, making pregnant women feel upset, nausea and vomiting, and dizziness.

  Children: You Jie believes that the flowers and plants in the home should be kept out of reach of infants and young children.

Cactus or prickly pear is prone to stab children, and they need to be placed high; some children like to play with mimosa contains mimosine which is very toxic and replaces hair with excessive contact; the percentage of children with allergies to pollen exceeds that of adults, and lilac maySkin irritation, daffodil juice can cause skin redness.

In addition, the red string is seductive and easy to cause children to eat by accident and cause acute poisoning.

  The elderly: Professor Liu Yan said that the fragrance of orchids and lilies can stimulate the central nervous system of the person, causing insomnia to the old people who don’t sleep well; and Ye Laixiang can raise people’s blood pressure and make the elderly with high blood pressure and high blood pressure smell.Feel chest tightness and shortness of breath.

In contrast, coniferous plants release negative ions, which are helpful for treating diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

  Too fragrant flowers are poisonous, such as Milan, Coriander, and Hydrangea. Recently, a “plant blacklist” including 52 species of flowers and plants rich in cancer-promoting substances has attracted many people’s attention.

Among these flowers and plants are common red impatiens (also known as henna), begonias (also known as tiger thorns), irises, mandala flowers (also known as foreign flowers), cat’s eye grass, cardinal coral(Also called iron clove), unicorn crown (also known as jade unicorn), etc., especially Impatiens are very common in the south and are often used by people to dye their nails.

  So how toxic are these plants?

Professor Yao Lei told reporters that the possibility of direct carcinogenesis by smelling plant odors is not great.”These toxic molecules can cause cancer if they are massaged, contacted with the skin, or entered the bloodstream after consumption.

“Yao Lei said.

  ”Generally, as long as the plants are placed in a more ventilated place, they will not be harmful to the body if they are not touched with their hands or with their mouths.

“Wang Youjiang, secretary general of the China Vanilla Industry Alliance, said that for some stranger plants, do not touch it with your hand and mouth easily.

  ”More than these uncommon carcinogenic plants, many aromatic plants should be avoided.

Professor Liu Yan suggested that indoor flowers should not be selected from Milan, Ruixiang, Hydrangea, Bauhinia, Coriander, etc., so as to avoid a variety of adverse respiratory reactions.

But something that is not odorous is poisonous. Professor Yao Lei said that the volatile substances of mint, perilla, Australian tea tree, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass, etc. are not harmful. On the contrary, they have the function of sterilizing and purifying the air.

  Tips for planting flowers: Don’t put the plant next to the discharger: the form released in the home appliance will harm the plant, and watering will easily spill water on the appliance, causing a short circuit.

  Orange peels are fertilized to prevent odor: Fertilizers often have a smell after fermentation. Add orange peels when adding fertilizer to increase nutrition and deodorize.

  Tile pottery pots are the most breathable: flower pots use the traditional tile pots for drainage and breathability, but they are not beautiful and not strong; secondly, unglazed pottery pots or purple sand pots, which are permeable and breathable, are suitable for precious flowers and plants;, Glazed pots are suitable as nest pots or large plants; plastic pots are not suitable for delicate flowers and plants, suitable for easy-to-plant plants such as spider plants; glass pots can be used for small leaf-seeding plants such as watercress greens.

  Spraying onion and garlic juice can remove insects: 200 grams of green onions or garlic are smashed to get the juice, soaked in 10 liters of water overnight, spray the affected plant with its water several times a day, and spray for 5 days, which can effectively remove the pests.

Watch out for 12 small habits that will kill you

Watch out for 12 small habits that will kill you

The pace of life is fast, and many people are pursuing “quick” and “saving things” in small details, but the lack of health knowledge may cause you to inadvertently cause chronic injuries to your body. If you do n’t pay attention now, you will regretLate!

  1. White paper is used to package food. For the “white” of white paper, many manufacturers often use bleach in the production process. After contact with food, bleach will cause a variety of chemical reactions and produce some harmful substances, which is extremely easy.Contamination of food.

  2. Toilet paper wipes tableware. The results of spot checks by the national quality inspection department of fruits show that many types of toilet paper are sterilized or incompletely sterilized. They contain a large number of bacteria and can be easily wiped on objects.

Only high-grade napkins that have undergone strict disinfection meet sanitary standards.

  3. Plastic tablecloths are spread on the table. Although they are good-looking, they are easy to accumulate dust, bacteria, and some plastic sheets are made of toxic vinyl chloride resin. Tableware and food come in contact with plastic sheets for a long time.Contamination with harmful substances can cause many potential diseases and affect health.

  4. Cover the food with a gauze cover. Use a gauze cover to cover the food. Although the flies will not directly fall on the food, they will stay on the gauze cover, and will still leave the eggs with germs. These eggs are easy to get out of the yarnDrops in the holes and contaminate food.

  5. Use a towel to dry pots, bowls, basins, cups and other tableware and fruits. Tap water used in some cities is strictly disinfected. Tableware and fruits washed with tap water are basically clean and do not need to be wiped.

There are many germs on the towel, and drying it with the towel will cause secondary pollution.

  6. Disinfecting the tableware with wine when you need disinfection, and there is no alcohol on hand, some people will use white wine to wipe the tableware, thinking that this can achieve the purpose of disinfection.

As everyone knows, the alcohol used for disinfection in medicine is 75%, while the alcohol content of general liquor is below 56%.

Therefore, the use of white wine to wipe the tableware does not achieve the purpose of disinfection.

  7. Heat and pressurize the spoiled food before eating some housewives. Cook some spoiled food at high temperature and pressure before eating, thinking that this can completely eliminate bacteria.

It has been medically proven that the toxins secreted by bacteria before entering the human body are very resistant to high temperatures and are not easily broken down and broken down.

  8. Wipe the table with a non-sterile rag and use a brand-new rag after one week. The amount of breeding bacteria will surprise you.

Therefore, wipe the table with a rag, and wash the rag properly before use. The rag should be boiled and disinfected with water every three or four days.

  9, chop off the rotten part of the fruit and eat it. When some people eat fruit, when they encounter a part of the rotten fruit, chop off the rotten part and eat it, thinking that it is hygienic.

Usually, even the rotten part of the fruit is cut off, and the remaining part has precipitated bacterial metabolites through the juice, and even microorganisms have begun to multiply. The mold can cause mutations in human cells and cause cancer.

Therefore, even if the fruit is only rotten, it is better to throw it away.

  10. Long-term use of the same drug toothpaste Drug toothpaste has a certain inhibitory effect on certain bacteria.

However, if the same drug toothpaste is used for a long time, the bacteria in the enlarged oral cavity slowly adapt and produce reproducibility.

Therefore, toothpaste should also be changed regularly.

  11 Use a waste fluorescent tube to dry the towel. The fluorescent tube contains toxic substances such as mercury, fluorescent powder and a small amount of oxygen.

Some households use towelless fluorescent tubes to dry towels and handkerchiefs, thinking they are clean and hygienic.

It is not known that in the case of moisture, if the lamp tube is eroded or the lamp tube has a small crack, various harmful substances in the tube will gradually leak out.

Especially when the temperature is high, the exudation of mercury is more, which can contaminate towels and handkerchiefs and endanger human health.

If these harmful substances directly enter a person’s eyes, they can cause vision loss or even blindness.

  When you get up at 12, the quilt will discharge a lot of sweat every day, and it is no exception when sleeping.

After getting up, the quilt is folded, and the sweat is left in the quilt for a long time. It smells of sweat and affects the comfort of sleep. It also creates a living environment for pathogens and is not good for the body.

The correct method is to turn over the quilt after getting up, let it hang for 10 minutes and then fold it up. It is best to dry it once a week.