Computer Family Anti-aging Tips

Computer Family Anti-aging Tips

In the E era, high efficiency and fast pace have become the mainstream of modern office.

However, too many young people who have faced computer for a long time are showing signs of physical aging, physical decline and psychological weakness.

How should computer office workers deal with this premature aging syndrome?

  Put the computer in a reasonable position so that the screen’s reverse is not directed towards someone’s place, because the computer’s strongest radiation is the back, followed by the left and right pair, and the front of the screen has the weakest radiation.

  Based on the clear characters, a distance of at least 50 cm to 75 cm can reduce the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Adjust the relative height of the computer monitor and the seat.

When the angle between the line of sight of the person and the perpendicular to the geocentric is about 115 degrees, the person’s retinal muscles are most relaxed.

Ordinary writing desks are designed for people to write with their heads down. As a computer desk, the height is not suitable. When they surf the Internet continuously, they will quickly strain their head and neck.

If there is no condition to replace the special computer desk, you can gradually raise the seat until the reset feels relaxed.

  Beware of eyes The most visible part of aging in the face of the office beauty is the eyes.

The use of eye cream has a moisturizing effect. In addition to reducing dark circles and eye bags, it can also improve the effects of wrinkles and fine lines.

The functions of eye gel and eye cream are similar, except that the gelatinous small areas are more refreshing to wipe, and there is no burden on the skin during the day, which can eliminate eye bags and soothe skin symptoms.

  Pay attention to your eye habits, rest for 5 to 10 minutes every 1 hour, and relax from a distance.

The brightness of the display should be moderate and not too bright. It is best to choose a multi-pigment background. When reading the text of a long article, use black and white letters alternately. When sand clocks appear, try eyeball exercises (turnEyeball, three clockwise, three counterclockwise, alternating).

Try not to look at the computer in the dark.

  Bye-bye with “mouse hands” Internet users repeatedly type and move the mouse on the keyboard every day, resulting in peripheral nerve damage, hand numbness, burning pain, swelling of the wrist joints, inflexible or even weak hand movements and other “carpal tunnel syndrome”.

Try to perform actions in sequence: (1) Use the watch as an auxiliary device, turn the wrist clockwise and counterclockwise 25 times; (2) Inhale the air with strong fists, exhale vigorously, and simultaneously open the little finger, ring finger, middle finger, and index finger.

Left and right hands 10 times each; (3) knead the fingers of the other hand with the index finger and thumb of the other hand, starting from the thumb, each finger for 10 seconds to breathe smoothly; (4) both palms together, rubbing forward and backwardCauses slight heat.

3 minutes a day can help promote blood circulation, relieve wrist muscle soreness, and suffer from bone spur hyperplasia of the wrist.

  Beware of a “computer face”. People who often deal with computers, because they face the lifeless computer screen continuously, and less and less communication with people, will unknowingly produce a faint expression, cold and stern “”Computer face”: With pale hair, dull expression, no smile, and often lacks the enthusiasm for life, sensitive and suspicious, self-centered, stubborn, or stubborn about something.

The psychiatrist recommends that in order to avoid “computer face”, it is necessary to maintain appropriate desires and have a happy mentality; contact more loved ones and friends, and enhance relationships through face-to-face communication.

Many people use work as a reason to be too tired, so they ca n’t close their doors after a holiday. Instead, they do n’t go out to relax and get good relaxation.

In addition, active participation in physical exercise can greatly relieve psychological stress and relieve fatigue.

Exercise can improve the function of the central nervous system and the excitability, balance, and selectivity of neural processes in the cerebral cortex.

What are the consequences of squeezing your baby’s face?

What are the consequences of squeezing your baby’s face?

The child is very cute, and everyone wants to pinch his little face; however, some people say that often pinches the baby’s face; it will cause the baby’s face to deform, is that so?


.  I often hear elderly people say, “The baby’s face cannot be pinched, otherwise it will drool, and it will easily crook when it grows up.

“The child care physician of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital said that this statement does have some truth, because the baby’s face has thin and tender skin, and the parotid gland tissue in the mouth is underdeveloped, fragile and vulnerable.

  According to experts, salivation and swallowing will not drool if they are balanced. Adults will involuntarily swallow the saliva secreted into the belly at intervals, so saliva will not be exposed outside the corners of the mouth.

The main cause of “long drool” is that the baby’s drool secretion must be swallowed harder than the adult, and they have not learned how to swallow.

  It is understood that when the baby is 4 months old, the salivary glands gradually mature and salivary secretion begins to increase. At 6 to 7 months, most babies begin to grow teeth, stimulate nerves on the gums, and increase secretion of saliva.200 ml.

  ”Infants have small oral cavity capacity, shallow depth, short and wide tongue, lip closing and swallowing actions are not coordinated, and excessive saliva will not be regulated, so it will naturally decrease after storage. This is normal physiological salivation.At the age of three, she no longer drools.

Some stimuli in the industry will also exacerbate this situation, including pinching the baby’s face with their hands.

Experts say that if the kneading is frequent, which causes mechanical damage to the glands, the amount of saliva secretion and salivation will greatly exceed normal children.

Saliva contains some digestive acids, which have weak strength. When saliva flows out to the skin, it will easily corrode the outermost stratum corneum of the skin, causing symptoms such as eczema and inflammation. Therefore, experts remind to avoid excessive force kissing and kneading the baby’s face.

  Tips: How to drool?

  The saliva contains some bacteria and amylase in the mouth, which have a certain stimulating effect on the skin. If the skin is not carefully taken care of, the skin around the mouth will become red and a small red pimples, so when the baby’s saliva is too much, the motherPay attention to the skin around your baby’s mouth. Wash it with water at least twice a day. Keep your baby’s face dry and avoid eczema.

If necessary, apply some baby cream.

If the skin has rash or erosion, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment.

  In order to prevent saliva from getting wet on the neck and upper chest, a small cotton bib can be hung for the baby. Soft, slightly thick, absorbent cloth is the first choice for bibs.

Do not use a coarse handkerchief or towel to wipe the baby’s mouth, it is easy to damage the skin.

Use a very soft handkerchief or napkin to dip the drool that drips out of your mouth to keep it dry.

  In addition, the baby has itchy gums, swelling pain, and excessive saliva during the eruption period of deciduous teeth. You can use soft and hard chewing gum for your baby. For babies over 6 months, tap the molar biscuit to reduce gum discomfort during teething.It can also stimulate the emergence of deciduous teeth as soon as possible and reduce drooling.

Eyebrow self-care method


Eyebrow self-care method

Eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyes are the focus of the face. With their addition, your face will be noticeable. Therefore, eyebrows and eye hairs should be the facial details that we must take care of first.

Today I will tell you some common natural methods of nourishing eyebrows and eyelashes.

  The life cycle of eyelashes is 6 months, after which it will be replaced and new eyelashes will grow.

However, long-term illness and physical malnutrition can also lead to thinning and replacement of eyelashes and eyebrows.

  The growth of eyelashes and eyebrows requires nutrients. The supply of vitamins A and D to the roots of hair follicles can make them grow fertile fields.

  In addition, vitamin E, vitamin B, and olive oil alone will have the same good effect, so several times everything is oily, so you should use a cotton swab to apply, to prevent the lower eyelids from being oily.grain.

  Feed the eyelashes with delicious 1, add lemon slices in olive oil, and apply it daily to make eyelashes and eyebrows grow longer and denser.

  2, tea water also has the effect of nourishing eyelashes, black tea, green tea will do.

  3. Cut the garlic or ginger into sharp points and carefully apply the hair follicles.

  Maintain the bladder meridian, the eyebrows are dense. Method one, massage the Yongquan points on the soles of the feet every night; rub the waist and back, the best heat.

  Method two: Use your thumb and index finger with both hands to pinch the muscles on both sides of the back spine and push them down from the high place (pointing direction) until the brow bones, and then bring your ten fingers close together and push the spine up to returnStart position, repeat the above action.

  Method three: Slap the tibia muscles on the back with both hands, and slap the muscles to the hips, and then tap from the chest to the midline of the thigh to the posterior root.

  Don’t trim your eyebrows too thin. Natural eyebrows must look better than drawn and wrinkled, because processed eyebrows look unnatural no matter how well they look, and you can’t achieve a three-dimensional effect even if you choose the best color.

Three strokes of thin arm yoga make MM happy

Three strokes of thin arm yoga make MM happy

The excess meat on the arm is considered to be the most difficult part to remove, and this has caused many MMs to suffer.

Now I will introduce three types of thin arm yoga movements. These three types of yoga movements can not only eliminate excess meat on the arms, but also soften elbow joints and other parts, as well as correct the hump!

  Thin Arm Yoga Three Styles: 1.

Sit on your knees with your back straight and adjust your breathing.


On the left hand and under the right hand, the elbows overlap and the palms are held together.


Inhale, lean back, exhale, push your hands as tightly as possible above your head, stay for a few seconds, and take a deep breath.

Slowly return to step 2 and change hands again.

  Efficacy can eliminate excess meat in the arm, soften elbow joints, shoulder joints, prevent shoulder or back pain, and correct hump.

If you often have poor posture, it is recommended that you do it three times a day.

  The use of consciousness The change in sitting posture is focused on the arm. When the action is completed, the consciousness is concentrated on both arms, especially the muscles on the outside of the arm feel a complete fracture.

For beginners, if the elbows are stacked on top of each other, the palms cannot hold each other.

Effective method to remove blackheads

Effective way to remove blackheads

Today, I will share with you effective methods to get rid of blackheads.

We together look.

  Do you like strawberries?

Of course I like it. The red color and fragrant fruit taste make people feel refreshed.

But when it comes to strawberry nose, no one likes it!

So going to blackheads is also something everyone should persevere in.

But, what is the most effective way to get rid of blackheads?

  What is the most effective way to get rid of blackheads?


Egg inner membrane Gently remove the inner membrane of fresh eggs and apply it to the blackheads for about 5 minutes. If you keep putting it in, you will get unexpected results.

  What is the most effective way to get rid of blackheads?

Freshly steamed rice is the most fragrant when eaten hot. At this time, the rice can also achieve a cosmetic effect.

First steam the noodles. If you do n’t have the equipment, you can also use a hot towel to open the pores on the face. Then knead the rice into lumps, and the heat has cooled down, you can put the rice balls on your nose and slowlyMassage, keep kneading, the movement should be light, about 20 minutes, wash with water.

  I hope the above sharing will serve as a reference for friends who want to go blackheaded.

Teach you to avoid fitness misunderstandings

Teach you to avoid fitness misunderstandings

Many people are now paying attention to fitness, and many elderly people come out to run and exercise in the early morning or evening; white-collar workers also take time to exercise in the gym on weekends.

But many people do n’t know that there are many misunderstandings about exercising and it is harmful to your body.

  ● The first misunderstanding “I will go to the gym in a while.

“It’s true that fitness requires more energy than normal daily activities.

But if you eat “more” than “good” before a fitness meal, the result may be more pros and cons.

  Eating too much, the burden on the gastrointestinal tract will increase, and it is easy to induce abdominal pain during exercise.

If you eat well, it will lead to an excessive amount of high-quality protein foods or excessive supplements, which will also increase the burden on the digestive system, and it is not of direct significance for immediate fitness.

  Of course, compared to non-fitness people, the demand for high-quality protein will increase.

But for the first meal before fitness, we advocate to use excess weight mainly to ensure the stability of blood sugar and liver glycogen, muscle glycogen storage, to provide high-quality energy for fitness.

Professionally called “pre-exercise sugar reserve”.

  In addition, before meals, you should choose digestible foods that are mainly steamed, boiled and stewed, and eat less indigestible foods such as fried ones.

  Highest carbohydrate foods: rice, cereals, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

  ● Second misunderstanding: “Sweating is easy in fitness, drinking water is particularly important, it is better to have more.” Sweating is heavy during exercise, and easy dehydration is a common problem.

However, after the human body sweats a lot, if it is supplemented with too much water, especially only pure water, there is a certain risk, and hyponatremia may easily occur.

The reason is very simple. Imagine that the main component of the lost sweat is water, and a small amount of mineral salts, and synthetic vitamins.

If you sweat a lot and at the same time a lot of water enters the body, the blood concentration of mineral salts in the body will decrease.

  The symptoms of mild hyponatremia are: dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, and general weakness.

  The principle of hydration in exercise is to pay within your means, a small amount of time, and add a little drink on the basis of eliminating thirst.

  If you continue to exercise for 40 minutes without water, it is dangerous. If you continue to exercise for 90 minutes, you can’t just add water, but also a small amount of sugar and salt. You can directly choose a weak alkaline electrolyte sports drink.

  Drinking water during exercise is generally 150-200 ml each time, once every 20-30 minutes, and the temperature of the water is preferably 7-14 seconds.

  ● The third misunderstanding “Fatigue after fitness is caused by muscle aches and has little to do with what to eat.

“Fatigue does have a positive correlation with the body’s blood lactic acid accumulation, so one of the causes of fatigue after fitness is indeed blood lactic acid accumulation.

But exercise name can regulate exercise fatigue.

  Appropriately eat more alkaline foods before exercise is good for delaying the appearance of fatigue. It is professionally known as “alkali reserve before exercise”.

At the same time, proper consumption of a small amount of alkaline food after exercise can also promote fatigue recovery, which is one of the many professional methods for fatigue recovery after exercise.

Of course, it also includes post-exercise massage, sleep recovery, traditional Chinese medicine bath, self-relaxation, and psychological adjustment.

  The concept of alkaline foods: Foods are rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other alkali metal elements, and the products of metabolism in the body are alkaline, which are called alkaline foods.

How to polish disease through the eyes?

These 5 abnormalities appear in your eyes to remind you

How to polish disease through the eyes?

These 5 abnormalities appear in your eyes to remind you

Chinese medicine is about asking and hearing. The eyes and our viscera function are closely related. When the body suffers from a certain disease, there will be obvious symptoms on the eyes, to avoid itching, dryness, and pain in the eyes. Let ‘s let Xiaobian introduce the latencySome diseases in the eyes.

  How to polish diseases from the eyes?

  1. Itchy eyes Itchy eyes indicate blepharitis and allergic conjunctivitis.

Bacteria infection and the former disease caused by rosacea acne, just put soda powder in boiling water, use a clean cotton swab to apply a small amount near the eyelids.

Allergic conjunctivitis is caused by contact with allergens, as long as it is away from allergens, it can alleviate the condition.

  2, red eyes, red eyes, suggesting scleritis or subconjunctival hemorrhage, scleritis will make patients’ eyes red, and the front of the eyes will feel beating, if there is breathing, antibiotics must be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Patients with subconjunctival hemorrhage suddenly have red eyes on one side, but there are no other symptoms, but some patients will experience nose bleeding and vomiting, which can usually be cured in two weeks.

  3. The eyes become dry when they reach menopause or suffer from exposed keratitis.

Because hormones change significantly during menopause, these people should close their eyes and rest for 20 seconds every ten minutes of work. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can choose artificial tears that do not contain any benzyl chloride.

In patients with exposed keratitis, if the eyes are closed improperly or the eyes are traumatized during sleep, this disease can occur. Such patients can be treated directly with artificial tears.

  4. Eyes with tears Eyes with tears should be caused by replacement of the lacrimal gland duct or dry eye disease.

The aging of the body and the cold will cause the lacrimal ducts to become blocked, which will cause the nose to swell and cause tears.

People with dry eye disease will have a foreign body sensation or burning sensation in their eyes. Such people should drink plenty of water and use artificial tears under the guidance of a doctor. If necessary, they must go to the hospital for corresponding examination and treatment.

  5. Eye pain When the cornea is abraded, it will cause a tingling sensation, which can usually be cured within a few days, but try to choose antibiotics under the guidance of a doctor to cause infection.

Corneal ulcers can also cause a persistent tingling sensation in the eyes of the patient. The eyes do not have any light. This situation generally occurs in people who often wear contact lenses.

In addition, glaucoma is also prone to eye pain, which easily occurs in elderly people, and can cause blindness if not treated in time.

  Tips: You can judge a disease from one’s eyes, so be careful, pay attention to eye hygiene, drink plenty of water, and reduce the amount of time you use your eyes. You should look at the green landscape for an hour of work.

No skin care?

Avoid these 5 minefields


No skin care?
Avoid these 5 minefields

Many MMs have such questions. I have skin care every day. Why is my skin so bad?

This is because you may have stepped into the minefield of skin care.

  1. Squeezing acne is the same as above. There are too many things in contact with the hands. If you squeeze the acne, bacteria and so on will enter the acne, which may cause skin infection and inflammation, but make the acne worse.

It is necessary to clean and moisturize, and then use acne products to correct acne.

  2. Everyday I apply a mask. Some girls say that I need more hydration and whitening. I have to apply the mask every day so that I can be beautiful.

In fact, the mask is an intensive nutritional product. Applying more than necessary may not be effective, and it may also cause allergies.

Generally, the moisturizing mask is about 3 times, and if the whitening or cosmeceutical mask is controlled about 2 times, it is fine.

  3, face washing time is more than 5 minutes, too many times and face washing time too long will damage the skin surface water and oil balance, but hurt the skin.

In fact, it is enough to wash your face once in the morning and evening. If you need to add it once after lunch break, but remember to replace the gentle cleansing products with a gentle cleansing method, and control your face washing time to about 3 minutes.

  4. Dry the skin with a towel Whether it is after washing the face or after taking a shower, many girls will be used to dry the water with a towel, but they should not be wiped or vigorously wiped.

Even a soft towel that does not hurt the skin should be gently pasted to absorb excess water, because rubbing or vigorously rubbing will irritate the skin and may cause the skin to lose its elasticity.

  5. The more skin care products you apply, the better the skin. Many people think that skin care should be very particular, so they buy a lot of skin care products, and then apply them layer by layer, they feel that all skin care products will become better, in essence,Applying too much can easily lead to clogged pores and occasional grains.

Therefore, it is better not to apply the skin care products as much as possible. Otherwise, it should be determined according to your skin’s absorption ability.

Finally, I hope everyone is beautiful.

Five workplace mentalities make women fail

Five workplace mentalities make women fail

Why is it difficult for women to succeed in their careers?

Psychologist experts believe that this has a lot to do with women’s own psychological factors.

What psychology will cause women to fail in the workplace?

The more common are the following five: 1. Lack of desire for competition. In the factors of a person’s career success, the sense of competition must be no less than talent.

Unfortunately, women’s psychology always seems to make them feel inferior to others. At the same time, they don’t like to rely on competition to meet their desires, and often use “I would be so good to be like that” from the comfort.

  2. Same-sex fear Mental women do not like to compete with others, but they are “competitive” in love or when dealing with same-sex. Unfortunately, this kind of competition makes them lose their existing advantages.

Some women’s own shortcomings are morbid serious jealousy, they are not good at coordinating their own favorable factors, blindly compete with those who are actually competing with them, and finally lose the overall situation.

  3, beautiful has an overwhelming sense of superiority. Since ancient times, it has been too thin to hit. From a talent point of view, beautiful women are relatively rare (there are some exceptions in the art industry). This is because beautiful women tend to have a blind sense of superiority.

From a psychological point of view, men and women have different needs for a sense of achievement. The key to motivating men to pursue achievement is “competition”, but the motivation of women is “social acceptance”, and some beautiful women often do not think aggressively and consider themselvesBorn to have the capital accepted by society, there is no need to labor to “compete”.

  4. Continuity is too strong. Many women always like to put the understanding and imitation of thinking results aligned with it. The purpose of thinking is only to continue the existing things, not to create new things.This is why women are prone to performance in those areas where imitation and inheritance are strong, as well as the biggest psychological obstacle to their inability to create jobs.

  5, success will replace the phenomenon in love society, the higher the education, the more difficult to find the object, the successful woman often cannot become a strong man behind.

Many men want to be “inferior” and do n’t like “strong women”. Therefore, many women are convinced that career achievements will be bothered by society and take away love between husband and wife.

Playing games is your baby’s work

Playing games is your baby’s “work”

In the eyes of grown-ups, it is always considered that children’s running and jumping around is a naughty or disobedient behavior, so every time you see a child running, you must stop drinking, and even order the child to sit quietly and not to disturb.
Children are naturally lively and active. If they are forced to play, it may affect their physical and mental development.
Children do not need work like adults, so games play a central role in their lives.
From the perspective of children’s development research, games can be said to be children’s work, and their significance and value are quite extensive.
  In terms of physical development: games provide opportunities for children to exercise and promote physical health.
  In terms of emotional development: appropriate game activities can bring children happy and cheerful emotions and develop an optimistic and enterprising personality.
  In terms of mental development: games can increase children’s knowledge and trigger imagination and creativity.
  In terms of social behavior development: games can provide children with opportunities to engage with playmates, and learn the virtues of cooperation, mutual assistance, and solidarity.
  From all aspects of development, games do have great value for children.
Parents should not only ignore children’s games, but also actively take care of the content of children’s games from time to time, give encouragement or guidance at any time, so that children can enjoy moral, intellectual, physical and social aspects in the process of games.development of.
  父母参与游戏时需注意的事项  一二岁前幼儿的发展  通常是一个人玩;以自我为中心,有占有欲;会有“连续但漫无目的”的动作,能看、听、感觉;会Grasp and hold things; be able to disassemble, combine, take out, put in; be able to crawl, throw and jump; have strong curiosity.
此时期为他准备的玩具 可以是:便于投掷、抓握的柔软玩具;不易破损的玩偶、娃娃;铃铛、音光盒;可供堆积的积木,及可以攀登或爬进爬出的硬纸盒Or wooden boxes; crayons and scrapbooks for graffiti; cars, trains, ships, etc. that can be combined.
  二三至五岁幼儿的发展  喜欢和其他人一起玩;大肌肉的运用很灵活,渐能控制精细的动作;喜欢朝着一个目标爬、跳或跑;需要有“自己动手”的机会;很Difficult to distinguish facts from imagination; only vague understanding of things; like games like playing house wine.
此时期为他准备的玩具有:训练肌肉的玩具,如爬竿 游戏、跳马游戏、小三轮车、大球和大型积木;发展心智的玩具,如八至十二片的拼图 ,养鱼或栽培植物, As well as scientific toys such as magnets, telescopes, kaleidoscopes; toys that play house wine, such as dolls that are easy to wash and not to break, various household appliances, such as cooking appliances, gardening appliances, laundry appliances, treasure chests, toy trains, airplanes,Vehicles such as trucks and cars; toys that express emotions, such as puppets or puppets, sticky, sand piles, crayons, drawing paper, nails, mallets, etc.
  Choosing good toys for your child Excellent toys are a medium for children’s games, which can stimulate children’s fun and increase the value of games.
Good toys should have: Many changes can stimulate imagination and creativity.
  Excellent quality, strong structure, non-toxic, and will not harm the body.
  Can cause beauty or feelings, such as dolls, tangrams, building blocks, shuttlecocks, balls, kites, etc., are all good types of toys.
  Due to the popularity of toy advertisements on TV and the recent improvement in family living standards, parents have sufficient financial ability to purchase many toys for their children.
Too many toys may cause troubles in packing and management, and too many toys for children may also cause children to like old and new.
Therefore, parents should consider and control the choice of toys. Children can be encouraged to make use of some of the wastes in their homes, such as rags, bottles, cans, and wooden blocks. These toys not only help the child’s creative ability, but also causeThe child loves toy hearts.
  The choice of toys is most important for children’s physical and mental development. If the child is too young or not ready, letting him play with toys beyond his ability will make him frustrated and discouraged, but will cause badresult.
Therefore, the choice of toys must meet the age needs of the child.
Let ‘s take a look at the development of children at all ages and what kind of toys are suitable for children at these stages.
  Parents’ tasks children’s games are of great value to children, but this requires parents to care and counsel at any time in order to enable children to have educational functions in addition to entertainment.
Parents should pay attention to the following principles when tutoring their children’s games: 1) Give the child sufficient time. The child may play the game. It may take multiple explorations and experiments to learn the content or skills of the game.
For example, children often spend a long time playing with clay to understand the characteristics of clay before they can use it and create.
So parents should never expect their children to make many works for the first time.
In addition, when the child is interested in playing games or toys, parents are best not to interfere with him, so that he has sufficient opportunities and time to develop a focused attitude.
If you want your child to do something else or talk to him, it is a good idea to give a “trailer” first so that your child knows it is time to put away the fun and toys.
If the parents often stop the child while he is playing too hard, it will cause the child to lose his focus in the future.
  2)为孩子找玩伴  游戏的重要价值之一是从游戏中发展社会行为、培养优良品德,要得到这些效果,我们就要鼓励孩子与同伴一起游玩,所以我们应主动找机会让孩子与他Companions play together.
  孩子在一起,会互相模仿与学习,故对于有不良习性的孩子最好不要让他参与游戏活动 ;或是见到孩子相互学习的行为是错误的时候,父母应及时予以纠正,以免形成不良的Behaviour; quarrels can also occur with children, and parents should always pay attention.
  3) The environment for children to play: If parents can ingeniously arrange a free and fun environment for their children, they will be able to play contentedly and intently.
The most important thing in arranging the environment is to remove unsafe things, so as to avoid accidents, such as medicines and sharp things, and don’t put them in places where children often walk and reach.
  If the child’s play environment is adequately equipped, it will motivate the child to play.
In the spontaneous game, children can often cultivate their imagination and creativity, so parents should try to collect some interesting and novel toys for their children.
  4) Timely suggestions and participation For the children’s original loose play, parents can provide some small suggestions in time to make it more organized.For example: Parents can ask the child who squeezes clay: “Is anyone celebrating their birthday today?

“Are you making cakes?”

“In this way, the original loose game can become directional and interesting.

Another problem is that children may encounter problems that cannot be solved when they are playing, and need adults’ guidance and guidance.

Parents should participate in their children’s play activities in a timely manner to let the child know that when needed, the parent or teacher will help him, so as to prevent the child from feeling helpless and frustrated.

  In conclusion, if parents can provide assistance and attention to their children in a timely manner, their games will not only have entertainment value, but also enable their children to develop well in all aspects of their bodies.

  Play is a part of children’s life. If parents can teach their children in a fun and educational way, children will be able to get enough happiness and development. Parents should also care about their children’s game activities anytime, anywhere, and it is best to cultivate themselvesHave good imagination, can give children appropriate and interesting advice and guidance, let children play a fun and meaningful game.