20 criteria to judge your maturity

20 criteria to judge your maturity

A person’s age is not enough to mean that he is mature enough.

So what can we do to be childish and become a mature person?

The following 20 criteria cover every aspect of your personal life. See how many you meet.

  How can a person be called a “real adult”?

Many people simply judge by age, but when you discuss this with people from different cultural backgrounds, the shortcomings of this classification method are exposed-if you ask them, how should the age of the elderly and adultsDemarcation point?

You will always get different answers because everyone answers based on their subjective knowledge.

Adulthood is not a matter of age, but it is strictly based on emotional maturity.

  So, what makes an emotionally mature person?

Here are 20 defining characteristics of a “real adult”: 1. Recognize that maturity is a continuous process, not a state, and work hard to make progress.

  2. Be restrained by jealousy and envy.

  3. Ability to listen to others’ opinions and make judgments.

  4. Be patient and involved in daily planning.

  5. You don’t always win, accept the fact and learn from mistakes instead of repeating bad results all the time.

  6. When analyzing the problem, don’t bite the factors, but instead, look at the good ones.

  7. You can recognize what is a rational decision and what is an impulse.

  8, understand that any skill and talent is more than redundant preparation.

  9, can control temper and anger.

  10. Don’t forget to consider the feelings of others, not selfish.

  11. Know how to distinguish between needs and desires.

  12, confident, but not conceited.

  13. Solve the stress calmly.

  14. Know what you are doing and take responsibility for it.

  15, can overcome fear.

  16. You can see that everything has a gray area, not absolute black or white.

  17. Accept others to point out your deficiencies as a tool to improve yourself.

  18. Understand what is personal insecurity and self-esteem.

  19, can distinguish between true love and momentary infatuation.

  20. Understand that extensive communication with people is the key to progress.

  In short, a truly mature person will do what he must do when needed, and do what he likes when conditions permit.

They have the ability to distinguish between the two situations and allocate time and reliability accordingly.

Three vegetables help men to strengthen their kidneys and kidneys

Three vegetables help men to strengthen their kidneys and kidneys

Chinese people pay attention to diet and health. If they are full of food, they can also obtain the effect of “aphrodisiac and kidney”.

  ”Aphrodisiac master”-Welsh onion Modern medical research shows that the various vitamins in Welsh onion can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones and can effectively stimulate sexual desire, thus “aphrodisiac and tonic”.

For men, green onions or chives should be eaten 3 times a week. They can be cooked, served cold, or used as a flavoring agent.

  ”Queen of Vegetables”-Onion Onion is the only plant known to contain prostaglandins that protects the prostate.

It is not only the copyright of the “queen of dishes”, but also an aphrodisiac.

There are many ways to eat onions. Onion scrambled eggs or onion fried beef are delicious and nutritious.

  ”Vegetarian Viagra”-Leeks Leeks have the effects of warming and lowering qi, nourishing the kidney and benefiting yang, while enhancing the efficacy, they also have excellent therapeutic effects on male erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. Therefore, ancient medical books are called “Aphrodisiac”Modern people also gave it the title of “Veggie Viagra”.

For men, leeks fried shrimp or leeks scrambled eggs are reset “easy dishes”.

6 best kidney and beauty foods


6 best kidney and beauty foods

TCM believes that: “The kidney is the innate essence”, “Kidney hides essence, main growth, development, reproduction”, “Kidney main bone, raw marrow, Tongnao”, “Kidney receives energy, Kidney water”,”Ear”, “Different Kidney Division”, “Loin for Kidney House” and so on.

The health of the kidneys illustrates the growth, development, and vitality of the reproductive system.

If the kidneys become weak, a series of aging phenomena will occur.

  The secret recipe of ancient sexual intercourse health and tonifying kidney 1.

Yam is flat and sweet, and it is the medicine of “top grade” in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to its effect of nourishing the lungs and strengthening the spleen, it can also enrich the kidney.

Those with kidney deficiency should eat it often.


Scallops are also called Jiang Yanzhu.

Flat in nature, sweet and salty, can nourish the kidney and nourish yin, so those with kidney yin deficiency should eat it often.


Perch is also called flower perch.

It is flat in nature and sweet in taste, and can not only supplement the spleen and stomach, but also liver and kidney, and strengthen bones and bones.


Chestnuts are warm in nature and sweet in taste. In addition to the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach, it can overcome kidney and waist strengthening, and it is most suitable for those with low back pain due to kidney deficiency.

 How can chestnuts eat kidney?


Lycium barbarum is flat and sweet, has kidney-to-nourish and liver-reinforcing, savvy eyes, strong muscles and bones, except waist 6.

Polygonum multiflorum has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, and nourishing the essence and blood.

Those with kidney deficiency have early white hair, weak waists and knees, sore bones and bones, or men’s spermatorrhea, and women who take it with them are suitable for eating.

  To maintain sufficient kidney energy, you should avoid or eat the following foods: coriander, persimmon, raw radish, lettuce melon, raw cucumber, raw sweet potato, watermelon, melon, onion, pepper, mustard, clove, fennel, pepper, mint,Vegetables, chrysanthemums, salt, sauce, liquor and cigarettes.

TCM explains the symptoms of kidney deficiency

TCM explains the symptoms of kidney deficiency

Symptoms of kidney deficiency in women. At present, more and more people are harassed by kidney deficiency. At one time, it was thought that kidney deficiency was only a man’s patent. However, women with kidney deficiency also increased significantly. Many white-collar women are the target of key kidney deficiency attacks.What is there

The following Chinese medicine gives you a detailed introduction to the symptoms of women’s kidney deficiency, female friends must be optimistic!


Incremental hair loss Once you have a black and beautiful hair, which many women are very envious of, do you not find that the recent hair has gradually become dry and thin and loses its luster?

Maybe you still use the best shampoo and hair care products, or professional care once a week, but why is this happening?

Then you have to think about whether your problem is related to kidney failure.


Get fat, get fat, get fat again. Did you find that your appetite hasn’t increased recently, everything is normal, but your weight keeps rising?

Even if you exercise every day, you still can’t see the effect of losing weight.

Although few people associate obesity with kidney deficiency, the truth is that one of the culprits in getting fat is kidney deficiency.


Sexuality is generally talked about in your early 30s, but you become a nun in a temple.

Kidney deficiency may be the culprit.


Eyelid swelling Did you find that your eyes were dry after waking up in the morning this time? Maybe you think it was the reason you worked too long at the computer the day before!

But if you look closely, is your lower eyelid swollen badly?

Be careful, these are the signs of kidney deficiency, indicating that your kidneys cannot overcome the production of urine and expel toxins in the body in time, and their functions are diminishing.


Menopausal harassment in advance of flushing, night sweats, prolonged menstrual cycles, emotional changes, etc. These symptoms are menopausal symptoms. If you find a 30-year-old, you should check whether your kidneys are defective.

Chinese medicine believes that the essence of deficiency syndrome is aging.

People with “kidney deficiency” who have been suffering from kidney damage for a long time are aging faster.


Afraid of the cold in the office, others always feel the right temperature, but you always hiccup, making it difficult for you and your colleagues to reach an agreement on the air conditioning temperature.

Also, do you always wear more clothes than others, and do you have diarrhea as soon as you get cold.

Chinese medicine believes that these are caused by kidney yang deficiency.

  Symptoms of kidney deficiency in women, if you are a female, if you encounter the above 6 phenomena, Xiaobian advised you to go to the hospital to check, so as not to know your kidney deficiency and delay treatment.

Do you really know the efficacy of sesame?

It beats a pile of tonics

Do you really know the efficacy of sesame?
It beats a pile of tonics

Sesame, known as the crown of eight strands.

Sesame is an oil crop. The pressed oil is called sesame oil, linseed oil, and sesame oil. It is characterized by a fragrant odor and can be used hot or raw.

Yolk in sesame is a nutrient that is implanted in the brain.

Niacin can stabilize the nerves and has a therapeutic effect on chronic depleting neuritis and peripheral nerve paralysis.

…… Strengthening the effect of blood vessel weight loss. The yolk in sesame, which is bile and salty, has the function of preventing slight deposition in the human body.

These four nutrients have the effect of strengthening blood vessels, reducing cholesterol, improving metabolism, and preventing the body from gaining weight.

  Vitamin E is a nutrient that promotes muscle development and restores muscle fatigue.

Sesame contains vitamin E, which strengthens the muscles in the heart.

  Promoting development and treatment of anemia. The protein in sesame contains 2 aminoisovaleric acid and aminoacetic acid. People who lack this amino acid will have slow development and even nervousness and abnormal movement.

  Nourishing nerves and nourishing the brain. Yolk in the sesame is a nutrient implanted in the brain.

Niacin can stabilize the nerves and has a therapeutic effect on chronic depleting neuritis and peripheral nerve paralysis.

  Helps to digest and prevent ulcers. Protein can change the epidermal cells of the stomach and intestines. Too low protein makes bacteria easy to grow and cause ulcers.

Sesame is rich in protein, which can help digestion and prevent ulcers.

  Beauty laxatives prevent dandruff from turning into white fumes and vitamin B1, which are important nutrients for nourishing the skin.

Lack of B1 is easy to produce facial blister, lack of niacin, skin contact with sunlight will cause dermatitis, and the part that does not see sunlight will suffer erosion.

Sesame can laxatively treat constipation and indirectly moisturize the skin.

Sydney celery juice helps you eliminate annoying acne


Sydney celery juice helps you eliminate annoying acne

Acne is divided into acne vulgaris and polymerized acne.

The former is caused by real heat of the lungs and stomach, and is often accompanied by dry mouth, bad breath, and constipation. You can choose Zhiqing Feiyin according to the situation during treatment, and use upside down.

  There are two kinds of vegetable juices that can help treat this acne: Sydney celery juice, take 100 grams of celery, 1 tomato, 150 grams of Sydney, half a lemon, and mix the juice.

Carrot and celery juice, take one medium-sized carrot and one onion, 150 grams of celery, and mix with juice.

  For more severe polymerized ulcers, Chinese medicine such as seaweed, barley kernel, tannin is added during treatment.

Can be supplemented with two medicated meals: seaweed barley porridge, seaweed, kelp, 9 grams each of sweet almonds, 30 grams of barley kernels, fry seaweed, kelp, sweet almonds with water, discard the residue and juice, and cook porridge with barleyTake it once a day for 3 weeks as a course of treatment.

Hawthorn peach kernel porridge, hawthorn, peach kernel 9 grams each, lotus leaf half sheet, 60 grams of rice.

First boil the first three flavors of soup, remove the residue, and add the previous rice to make porridge.

1 dose daily for 30 days.

Eating fish can prevent dysmenorrhea

Eating fish can prevent dysmenorrhea

Many young girls suffer from menstrual pain. This is due to an inflammatory phenomenon caused by prostaglandin secretion. Although most of the menstrual pain is only mild, there are also people who are too painful to go to school.

  Is there a heavenly diet that can alleviate this kind of pain to endure every month?

Here to tell you a new secret recipe, eat more fish can reduce menstrual pain!

  In Denmark, a small study of 42 people was conducted in 1996. They found that girls with a history of menstrual pain eat two grams of fish oil (rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids) every day. After three months,These girls’ menstrual pain can be improved, showing that omega-3 fatty acids have a relief effect on menstrual pain.

  Another research report published in the May 2000 Nutrition Study pointed out that a breakthrough study (78 people) made each person with menstrual pain eat the equivalent of two.

5 grams of fish oil, 2.

5 grams of fish oil plus 7.

5 micrograms of vitamin B12, with sea blast oil and another control group, three months later, the group that took fish oil and vitamin B12 improved menstrual pain most significantly.

  Therefore, omega-3 fatty acids are the scientific basis for improving menstrual pain, and the best way to consume these fatty acids is to eat fish every day, eat various deep-sea catfish, salmon and other possible omega-3 fatty acids.Fish, I believe that if there is fish on the table, menstrual pain will be greatly improved.

  In addition, eating fish can also prevent heart disease and increase memory. One fish is multifunctional and everyone should eat more fish!

How much is your love a square meter?

How much is your love a square meter?

Time is popular with women’s spouse orientation: a red heart in the 1950s; focus on origin in the 1960s; preferably the PLA in the 1970s; overseas relations with 10,000 households in the 1980s; luxury car entrepreneurs in the 1990s.

The love of women in the 21st century can suddenly be calculated in square meters.

  When I was in a traffic jam, the easiest thing I could see when I was standing at a crossroads was a fashionable woman sitting in a famous bus, some smoking, some blusher, some others .They are immersed in the happiness of “Honda” and “Audi”.

Twenty years ago, women may be immersed in love holding hands by the river. At that time, maybe they have nothing, but they have love. The love test strips show the quality of love.

And now love test strips frequently show failure.

When I enter, eating meat is not meaty, and when eating vegetables is not, I suddenly feel that the love around me has changed.

She is not because of feed and water, how extravagant and beautiful the present love packaging is, but the quality of love has changed.

  What changed love?

It’s the house.

The house is so cruel to affect love. The cruelty of the house is not to use violence, but to tell you gently: house XX in the first ring, house XX in the second ring, outside the second ring, house XX in the third ring, threeEven if it is outside the ring, if there is a car, you can consider the love like the second residence will be more true and credible!

  I looked at the beauties in the incense car. They had already matured in reality and they had abandoned love long ago.

They look down on love, and they can’t look forward to the mundane and kind little days under the eaves. They don’t believe anything except the house.

They absolutely refused to exchange the years for the flowers and moons of the common people. Their souls were filled with turbulent desires. They figured out how to take the most reasonable shortcut and spend the least effort to change their living conditions.

  So they played the ancient card of marriage.

Ancient cards can be used newly. Marriage is a transfiguration of women. It can be from nothing, from poor to rich, from low to rich . So they searched up and down and realized that they can only use their own resources-the original stock of Huanianhua, Quickly caught up with the desire car, rushed to the marriage stock market.

They use youth and desire, greed and ambition to shape their “positive and positive” ideals of life.

  The house easily subverted love, how light love is, how heavy the house is, sad.

Modern women often say, I do n’t want poor love!

Love without money, walk away!

Love comes through the house.

  A poor man cannot afford love. If a man has a luxury car, his love will immediately appreciate. If one day these things are lost, his love will immediately depreciate to zero.

There is no real intervention here, only material intervention.

Under the intervention of material desire, the gene of love mutates rapidly. In the case of love mutation, it is a mistake and foolishness to talk about love. It is better to say frankly: Let’s say, how much is your love for one square meter.

Excluding all the frivolous packaging, everything has become transparent, simple, clear, and any ambiguity is ruled out, which may still have a hint of honesty at all.

  The woman farthest from love is the unfortunate woman.

The biggest wish of a woman is to let a man love, and a woman to let a man love is a woman who manifests at the sight of a love test strip, and now love can be sold on square meters.

  Now you can immediately ask the beautiful MM next to you: How much is your love a square meter?

What to do if baby lives with other people?

What to do if baby lives with other people?

In the United States, there are now more than 5 million cohabiting men and women; in Europe, the marriage rate of each country has declined year after year, and young people would rather live together than in the auditorium; and in Taiwan, China, statistics show that the island may have more than 440,000Cohabitation, this does not include college students living together.

  Although the story of young people living together has long been strange, but when it falls on their heads, parents still have a kind of heartfelt feeling that the world has changed.

Has the time really changed?

What should parents do when their child is alone?

Recently, experts from Taiwan’s “Health” magazine provided a few tricks to parents facing such problems.

  Cohabitation risks make parents worry that 24-year-old Angie grew up in the cohabitation trend.

After graduating from college, she courageously lived with her boyfriend.

She had an abortion in 3 years.

After the second pregnancy, the two argued because their boyfriend didn’t approve of marriage and children.

Who knows that after a few days, her boyfriend “evaporates the world”, leaving An Qi alone surrounded by despair.

  A 10-year study from Rogers University in the United States found that the longer you live together, the less likely it is to get married.

A report from American “Psychology Today” also pointed out that the divorce rate of cohabitants before marriage is higher than that of non-cohabitants, because couples who live together before marriage often start quarreling when they live together, and young people may be indifferentMind communication, lack of commitment, and satisfaction after marriage.

  Parents’ worries are more practical: girls in cohabitation relationships expect or wait to get married and have children, but boys are still waiting to see that they can find better people.

If it ‘s just to save the rent and you ‘re afraid of sending your girlfriend home after a date, and you want to stay together for easy reasons such as having sex and having someone to take care of in your life, it means that both people lack “want to live together forever”
This is the most dangerous.

  Discuss four issues with your children. Seeing that your children are in danger, how can a parent stand?

Experts believe that it is better to discuss the following four questions along with the question of cohabitation of children: Can you cope with money?

Peng Huaizhen, Dean of Tunghai University in Taiwan, has seen many university boys who choose to live together. In order to “support the family”, they worked excessively and ended up dropping out of school because of failing grades. There were also many children who were employed, interpreting cohabitation relationships like marriage and masterPeople with great economic power always have contradictions in power, and as a result, the equal relationship is unbalanced.

  He said that cohabitation allows children to quickly learn to divide labor according to traditional concepts. Boys are responsible for all expenses in cohabitation, and girls are responsible for housework and taking care of the lives of two people.

Often, they don’t really control their lives, and many people have to pay for their living expenses.

At this time, parents should talk about the most practical aspects of life, let their children think about how money and time should be allocated and used, and remind children that in healthy sexual relations, they must not distort or give up for each other.

  Is he / she what you want?

Some parents may not be able to accept their child’s lover at all, thinking that he / she has broken his child.

Experts believe that parents’ concerns are sometimes not unreasonable, and make children think “Is this person you want?

What kind of happiness can he / she give you?

“What would you do if the other party was empathetic?” Might help them face up to cohabitation.

  What do you expect from each other?

When parents worry that their children haven’t lived together for many years, they can try to talk with their children about the purpose of living together.

If the two people live together as a co-habitant and have enough commitment, parents do n’t have to worry too much, but do n’t forget to invite the child and the other ‘s parents to come and eat together to increase their feelings and understanding.Remind, even force children to imagine the cohabitation of unsuccessful encounters, so that the party who wants to get married finds it difficult to retreat.

  Do you have proper contraception?

Sex is the hardest word.

Yan Hanwen, dean of the Taiwan Normal University’s College of Education, who has been a long-time gendarmerie for gender education, said that it may be difficult for a father to talk to his son, but it may be easier to leave a condom.

In addition, parents should do sex education from a young age to avoid trying sex easily.

Eye protection for eye trauma patients

Eye protection for eye trauma patients

Cases of enucleation due to severe eye trauma are clinically common.

The team introduced by Professor Ma Zhizhong, the director of Peking University Eye Center, after 6 years of research, corrected the expression that “severe eyeball trauma will not be easily reconstructed in the near future, otherwise it will cause damage to the eyeballs”, which saved more than a thousand patients.

The research results have recently won the second prize of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award.

  The most common cause of accidental eyeball injury is that after foreign matter penetrates into the eye, squeezing causes the eyeball to rupture and the injury causes a large amount of eyeball content to be lost.

The ophthalmology community has always believed that such damage is not easy to repair, and it is difficult to escape atrophy and atrophy even after supplementary repair, and it is prone to sympathetic ophthalmia, which affects the contralateral good eye and removes the injured eyeball is a clinically used method.

  During the research, Professor Ma Zhizhong found that it takes about one month from the start of severe eye trauma to the occurrence of eye atrophy.

And before this period of surgery, repairing the disordered eyeball tissue will interrupt the process of excessive expansion and change the fate of eyeball atrophy.

Professor Ma’s graduate student group performed surgery on more than a thousand patients with severe eyeball trauma and achieved good prognosis. This result confirms that mastering the timing of clinical surgery and timely and accurately repairing the wound tissue of the retinal and eyeball disorders can prevent pulverizationExacerbate the occurrence and development of pathology.

  Professor Ma also pointed out that although the research has achieved promising results, only 10% of endangered eye trauma treatments have failed, mainly because the treatment of ocular trauma that occurs in choroidal separation is currently difficult.