What is good for heart failure patients?


What is good for heart failure patients?

Heart failure refers to a pathological state in which the heart function changes and the blood volume discharged from the heart cannot meet the metabolic needs of the body tissues.

The majority of patients and friends, the treatment must choose the right hospital, choose the treatment, then in the diet, what is the heart failure patients to eat?

Heart failure patients are mainly small meals, food is easy to digest (digest food) to reduce the heart’s load, and limit sodium salts, prevent edema, and protect the heart.

(1) A small amount of meals: heart disease patients should not eat too much, the total daily heat energy is divided into 4?
5 interventions to reduce post-meal inhalation overfill and squat elevation to avoid increased heart workload.

Dinner should be eaten earlier, should be light, do not enter or eat less food and moisture after dinner.

(2) Limit sodium salt: This is an appropriate method to control excessive heart failure.

In order to reduce edema, you should eat less salt.

(3) should eat easily digestible food: patients with cardiovascular disease, should pass the blood circulation function, causing blood in the digestive tract, edema, affecting the digestion and absorption of food.

Therefore, the food you enter should be easy to digest.

Start with a liquid, semi-liquid diet, then switch to soft rice.

(4) should supply sufficient vitamins and appropriate amount of inorganic salts: such as vitamin b1 and vitamins (vitamin foods) c to protect the heart muscle.

Supply an appropriate amount of calcium (calcium food) to maintain normal myocardial activity.

Potassium has a protective effect on the heart, and when it is insufficient, it causes arrhythmia.

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