[Someone should not eat salted duck eggs]_ salted duck eggs _ diet taboos _ food taboos

[Someone should not eat salted duck eggs]_ salted duck eggs _ diet taboos _ food taboos

Everyone loves salted duck eggs. The salted duck eggs with high nutritional value are usually very mellow at the entrance. However, salted duck eggs also need to pay attention to in general. For people with some special constitutions, they ca n’t eat salted duck eggs.The most common is the three-high population, including those with spleen and stomach deficiency that are not usually eaten.

Who should not eat duck eggs?

With extremely high protein and vitamin content, it has been loved at home. Long-term consumption of duck eggs can also be converted into physical fitness, but it does have high blood pressure and is a killer for patients with three highs.

Those with insufficient spleen-yang, cold and wet diarrhea, and stagnation of qi stagnation after eating should not eat; not suitable for the time of illness; cancer patients should not eat; duck eggs contain dissolved cholesterol, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis andAunty liver is also taboo.


Duck eggs contain protein, phospholipids, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin D, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients; 2.

2. The content of protein in duck eggs is the same as that of eggs, which has the function of strengthening the body; 3.

The accumulation of various minerals in duck eggs is much more than that of eggs, especially the iron and calcium urgently needed in the body are rich in salted duck eggs, which are good for bone development and can prevent anemia;

Duck eggs contain vitamin B2, which is one of the ideal foods to supplement B vitamins.