[Pregnant women can eat black rice, black beans and black sesame rice paste]_ pregnancy period

[Pregnant women can eat black rice, black beans and black sesame rice paste]_Pregnancy_Effect

Pregnant women should pay great attention to their diet during pregnancy, because what they eat will directly affect the baby in the belly.

Therefore, for the baby’s health and adequate nutrition intake, some foods for pregnant women cannot be eaten, and some high-protein foods should be added.

And black rice, black beans, black sesame, and glutinous rice paste are very complete grains, so can pregnant women eat them?

1, pregnant women should not eat barley.

Rice is slightly cold, the coix seed oil contained in it has an excitatory effect on the uterus, and it is easy to cause abortion if you eat more, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

2. It is recommended to eat it two weeks after giving birth. The barley is slightly cold, and some people will have adverse reactions when eating barley, so eat it as appropriate.

3. The nature of barley kernels is slightly cold and cold. Therefore, patients with severe spleen and stomach deficiency, cold syndrome, pregnant women, weak constitution, insufficient body water, often with cracked lips and thirsty people, are not suitable for long-term consumption of barleyPorridge or simple barley kernel foods must be selected according to the principle of “extraction of sex” in traditional Chinese medicine.

4. The speed of barley kernels is similar to that of general cereals. For people who want to lose weight, they should still pay attention to the amount of food.

Many people always warn pregnant women not to eat barley kernels. Although there is no actual experimental evidence that pregnant women eat barley kernels, they will have a miscarriage, but it is safer to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner before eating.

Rice is a good medicinal food for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, recovering from illness, the elderly, mothers, and children, and can be taken often.

Slight coldness does not hurt the stomach, nourish the spleen without getting tired, and has anti-cancer effects.

Early pregnancy is not allowed to eat barley, eating more barley is likely to cause miscarriage.

It should be noted that there are also pregnant lotus seeds and barley kernels in the Babao porridge that we usually eat. For pregnant women who value this aspect, they should also eat less Babao porridge.

There are some foods that are not suitable for pregnant women, such as crabs, hawthorn, spirits, and pepper.