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鍦ㄦ棩甯哥敓娲讳腑寰堝浜烘按鏋滈ギ鍝侀兘鏈夐鐗╃殑鐩哥敓鐩稿厠锛岀旱鐒堕鐗╃殑钀ュ吇浠峰€奸珮锛屼絾鏄拰鍏朵粬椋熺墿鎼厤椋熺敤鍙兘灏变細璧峰埌鐩稿厠鐨勬儏鍐碉紝閭d箞閰稿ザ鍜屾Υ鑾查兘鏄敓娲讳腑甯歌鐨勯ギ鍝佸拰姘存灉锛岄吀濂跺拰姒磋幉鍏朵腑閮藉寘鍚緢楂樼殑钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝閭d箞閰稿ザ鍜屾Υ鑾插彲浠ヤ竴璧峰悆鍚楋紵 涓€鑸儏鍐典笅锛屾Υ鑾插拰閰稿ザ鏄彲浠ヤ竴璧峰悆鐨勶紝涓よ€呬箣闂寸殑鎴愬垎涓嶄細鍙戠敓鍖栧鍙嶅簲锛屽洜鑰岋紝涓よ€呬竴璧峰悆涓嶄細瀵硅韩浣撲骇鐢熶笉鑹殑褰卞搷銆?姒磋幉鍜岄吀濂朵竴璧峰悆鏄笉浼氫骇鐢熶笉鑹弽搴旂殑銆傚皢姒磋幉鑲夊垏纰庡拰閰稿ザ涓€璧峰姞宸ユ垚姒磋幉閰稿ザ锛屼笉浣嗗懗閬撻鐢滐紝鑰屼笖鏈夊緢楂樼殑钀ュ吇浠峰€笺€?The lawsuit and the lawsuit are not so good. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a lot of time. I ‘m going to read it.The peaks and peaks of the mountains and rivers are not the only ones that are not well-behaved, and the performances are not the same, and you can walk around and walk through the chain.Υ 銮 查 吀 揂 揂 掑 锅 氭 桭 椋 潗 氭 Υ 銮?0鍏嬶紝鍘熷懗閰稿ザ200鍏嬨€傚仛娉曪細灏嗘Υ鑾茶倝鍘绘牳锛屽垏鎴愬皬鍧楋紝鏀惧叆鎼呮媽鏈轰腑锛屽啀鍊掑叆閰稿ザ鎼呮媽鍧囧寑鍗冲彲椋熺敤銆傚姛鏁堬細琛ュ厖鏈轰綋钀ュ吇锛屾鼎鑲犻€氫究銆傛Υ鑾插拰閰稿ザ鍚I am afraid that you will be able to follow the following steps: I am afraid that you will be able to sue you, and you will not be able to proceed with the lawsuit.鐨勯鐗╀篃瀹规槗寮曡捣鑲犺儍涓嶉€傘€傞吀濂朵笉鑳藉拰浠€涔堜竴璧峰悆锛涢钑夐钑夊拰閰稿ザ閮芥槸鏈変績杩涜偁鑳冭爼鍔紝娑﹁偁閫氫究鐨勯鐗╋紝涓よ€呬竴璧烽鐢紝鏇存槗鍙戠敓鑵圭棝鑵规郴绛変笉閫傦紝鑴捐儍铏氬瘨鐨勪汉缇ゅ挨鍏惰娉ㄦ剰鎱庨銆傞粍璞嗛粍璞嗕腑鎵€鍚殑鍖栧鎴愬垎瀹规槗褰卞搷閰稿ザ涓挋鐨勬秷鍖栧惛鏀讹紝鎵€浠ヤ袱鑰呮渶濂戒笉瑕佷竴璧峰悆

[Perishable milk]_perishable milk_how to tell_how to judge

[Perishable milk]_perishable milk_how to tell_how to judge

Milk is a must-have for many people, so most people will reserve enough milk for replacement. However, milk has a shelf life. Once you choose it carefully, it is easy for spoiled milk.Yes, many people do n’t know, let ‘s learn the identification method of spoiled milk together!

A look: normal milk is milky white or light yellow, such as milk sediment or abnormal color has been deteriorated.

Don’t accept milk with broken packaging or abnormal packaging.

Second smell: Cow’s milk contains unique frankincense. If rancidity or other abnormal odor occurs, the milk is contaminated and spoiled.

Three tastes: When you taste milk, you must taste it first. Normal milk tastes slightly sweet, and milk tastes sour and bitter.

Four heating: After the milk is heated, a precipitate or a tofu flower-like coagulum appears, which is deteriorated milk.

The identification method of heating is suitable for fresh milk, high calcium milk and flavored milk beverage.

Yogurt and lactic acid bacteria beverages should not be heated.

Five investigations: Sterile milk stored at room temperature may also have bad bags, mainly manifested as swelling bags or acid bags (the contents become tofu flower-like or water residue separation). This is because of the products of all sterile milk production lines inside,There is a bad packet rate of 1 in 10,000.

Therefore, it is necessary to check beforehand to see if there is any swelling or sourness.

Uses of spoiled milk 1. Wipe leather shoes — first brush off the dirt on the surface of the shoes, and then use gauze to apply the expired sour milk evenly on the surface of the shoes. After drying, wipe them with a dry cloth.As new, it can also prevent the skin from cracking.

2. Wipe the floor — Replace the expired sour milk with water, then sprinkle it on the floor and wipe it with a mop. The floor can be as bright as new.

3, remove the ink on the clothes — first wash the clothes with water, and then pour into the expired sour milk and gently scrub, you can remove the ink on the clothes.

4, watering flowers — If the expired milk has a clear sour taste, you can use it to water the flowers.

In order to avoid the spread of bad taste, you can dig a small pit in the middle of the flower soil and bury the milk in it.

5. Wipe leather furniture — If the expired milk has a small amount of precipitation, but the smell has not changed, you can use it to wipe leather furniture, restore gloss, and repair small cracks.

[How to make milk-flavored steamed bread]_Home-made practice of milk-flavored steamed bread

[How to make milk-flavored steamed bread]_Home-made practice of milk-flavored steamed bread

A beautiful and fulfilling childhood will inevitably affect a person’s life, which has a promoting effect.

And in childhood memories, it is naturally indispensable for mothers to cook meals. This is our most beautiful memory.

However, now that I want to learn to do it alone, I can’t do it well.

In order to solve this problem, Xiaobian now comes to teach everyone how to make milk and steamed buns.


Raw materials: steamed buns, eggs, condensed milk, black sesame.


1 Beat the eggs and add to the plate, add a little condensed milk and stir well.


2 Cut the buns into pieces.


1 Spread an appropriate amount of black sesame seeds on both sides of the steamed bun.


2 Wrap egg buns on both sides.


Add a small piece of flour to the pan and melt.


Fry the steamed buns on both sides.

The milk-flavored steamed buns introduced above are nutritious and the production method is not very complicated. If you want to try it, prepare the ingredients quickly!

Poly Real Estate (600048): Implied 28PCT Growth

Poly Real Estate (600048): Implied 28PCT Growth

This report reads: The company’s net profit margin increased by 4 compared with 2018.

8 units, calculated based on the quarterly report of advance receipts, imply a net profit of 156 ppm. If it is settled in 3 years, it will add 28 units to the 2019 performance.

Investment points: The company’s revenue growth rate is in line with expectations, but its profit margin has increased significantly. The company’s performance has been released into the fast track, maintaining its holdings level and maintaining its target price.

27 yuan in 2019?
The EPS in 2021 will be 1.



91 yuan, the current price corresponding to 2019 PE is 6.

8 times.

The semi-annual performance report for 2019 shows that the company achieved operating income of 711.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.

52%; net profit attributable to mother 103.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 59 in ten years.

14%; realized basic profit income of 0.

87 yuan, an annual increase of 58.


Both operating margin and net profit margin are estimated to have increased significantly by about 3 in the same period last year.

Five averages, one year performance is highly certain.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s gross profit margin for carry-over projects further increased, and investment income increased, and operating profit increased by 39.

30%, profit grows 38.

55%; budget, the company’s net profit margin increased to 14 due to the increase in the proportion of equity carried forward to the project.

5%, much higher than the 9 of the ten years of 2018.

7% and 10 of 2018 H1.

1% high, and net profit 南京夜网 attributable to mothers grows 59% per year.


If extrapolated linearly, the net profit will be increased by an additional 20 units.

Based on the company’s quarterly report of 3253 million in advance, the net profit margin increased by 4.

8 shares per share. If the profit margin of the account received in advance is maintained, the corresponding increase in net profit will be 15.6 billion yuan. If settled in 3 years, it will correspond to 5.2 billion yuan each year, which is equivalent to increasing the net profit growth rate based on the 2018 net profit.28 total.

The revenue growth rate was in line with expectations, and the performance was accelerated.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s operating income remained at 19.

The growth rate of 5% has accelerated relative to the same period in the past two years.

At the same time, the company’s net profit accelerated to release, the average performance of the company’s semi-annual report for the past 7 years measured the average performance of 34.

8% estimates that the company’s attributable net profit growth rate in 2019 will reach 57.


Risk Warning: The company is taking the wrong pace.

Debon (603056) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Q4 Performance Accelerates Rising Express Delivery Growth Full Strength

Debon (603056) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Q4 Performance Accelerates Rising Express Delivery Growth Full Strength

Core point of view The company’s revenue in 2018 increased by 13.

1% to 23 billion, deducting non-net profit increased by 45.

3% to 4.

6 ppm, gross profit margin rose by 0.

8 pieces to 14.


The company’s primary express shipments also increased by 64% to 4.

500 million pieces, of which the volume growth rate in the second half of the year was as high as 71%, and the gross profit margin of the express delivery business rose by 3 as well.

9 to 9 pieces.


Affected by the divestiture of the vehicle business, the company’s fast operating income also fell by 13.

8% to 112 ppm, but the business gross margin rose by 1.


  Q4 performance accelerated growth, long-term non-net profit increased by 45%.

Q4’s revenue / deduction of non-net profit increased by 22% / 95% to 70 billion / 1 respectively.

4 trillion, the growth rate reached a new high during the year, mainly due to: 1) Q4 company’s express delivery business volume is significant and profitability continues to improve.

The overall gross profit margin for a single quarter 杭州桑拿 also decreased by 0.

5pct, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of low-margin courier business; 2) Q4 fees are well controlled, and the three fees only increase by 6 at the same time.


The company achieved a maximum revenue of 23 billion, an increase of 13.

1%, attributable mother / deducted non-net profit increased by 28 respectively.

1% / 45.

3% to 7.

0 billion / 4.

6 trillion, of which gross profit margin rose 0.

8 pieces to 14.

1%, three fees increased by 16.

2%, investment income (bank financing) increased by 2% to 1.

2 trillion, other gains (government subsidies) increased by 21% to 1.

900 million.

  Express delivery accelerated significantly in the second half of last year, and business profits continued to improve.

The company’s headquarters express revenue also increased by 64.

5%杭州夜生活网 to 1.14 million yuan, an increase of 63 pieces.

8% to 4.

4.7 billion pieces, ASP increased by 0.

4% to 25.

5 yuan, the price performance is quite stable.

It is estimated that the company’s express delivery volume will reach 2 in the second half of the year.7.3 billion pieces, an increase of 70.

5%, the growth rate is significantly faster than the first half of 20.

One, the business of express delivery business rose, ASP was 25 in the second half of the year.

4 yuan, down 1.


Benefiting from scale effects, technology application, and improved efficiency of terminal collections, the company’s gross margin of express delivery business has gradually increased.

87% to 9.

32%, earnings improved significantly.

  The vehicle business is expected to be thorough, and the company’s express transportation business will be launched lightly.

Due to the poor profitability of the vehicle business and the shift of the company’s strategic focus to higher service requirements and better profitability of LTL, the company deviated from the vehicle business in 2018.

Affected by the divestiture of the entire vehicle business, the company’s operating income gradually decreased by 13%.

8% to 112.

1 ppm, but due to lower prices and weaker profitable vehicle business, the proportion of high-end LTL business still maintained a high gross profit, the company’s express business gross profit margin also rose by 1.

42% to 19.


After the company withdraws from the vehicle business, it can deliver more targeted high-end LTL and express parcels, and the development momentum may be even more fierce.

  The new brand visual image was launched, and the company accelerated the express delivery business.

In March of this year, the company officially launched a new brand image. In the new logo, the company adopted the company name of “Debang Express”, indicating the company’s Allin express industry.

The company adopts a differentiated competitive strategy to cut from the large express delivery package into the express delivery industry, and adopts the fist product 3kg-60kg large-scale courier service (package delivery, guaranteed 100% free upstairs below 60kg) and excellent service quality has been recognized by users.

At present, the company has successively launched a variety of products such as standard express and special express delivery.

It is expected that the express parcel industry will have a CAGR of 30% in the next three years, and the company will benefit significantly from growth.

  Risk factors: the risk of competitive pressure on express and express delivery; the risk of rising costs such as labor and oil prices.

  Investment suggestion: Considering the impact of the company’s vehicle divestiture, the company’s express delivery business continues to increase and maintains rapid growth, driving performance growth to shift to the express delivery business. It is expected that the company’s revenue growth rate will increase to 25%./ 20-year EPS forecast to 0.


16 yuan (the original EPS forecast was 0.


19 yuan), plus EPS forecast 1 in 2021.

41 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Jumping rope kicking scorpion can also be raised

Jumping rope kicking scorpion can also be raised

Jumping rope kicking scorpion can also raise the body skipping jump out of healthy skipping rope is to exercise the heart, improve cardiopulmonary function, promote aerobic exercise of blood and blood, can move wrists, ankles, buttocks, arms and other parts, so that the joints of these parts remain flexibleDegree, to avoid osteoporosis and other symptoms.

  At the same time, skipping can also consume a small amount, effectively preventing cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure.

In addition, skipping can also promote blood and blood circulation, maintain blood and blood, and improve the body’s ability to metabolize.

  Precautions Choose a flat and wide space for sports, and it is advisable to use grass or wooden floors.

  Be careful to prepare activities before skipping, to avoid sprains in the joints, and wear moderately soft shoes.

Time should be appropriate, not more than half an hour each time.

  Kicking the kick kicks the disease kicking the shuttlecock can move to the knee joints, cross joints, hip joints, etc., which can improve the flexibility and bone activity of these parts and contribute to bone health.

  In addition, when kicking the scorpion, it is necessary to cooperate with the eyes and hands and feet to exercise the agility and coordination of the human body, and to regulate the nerves and eliminate the pressure.

In short, kicking the scorpion can enhance bone health, regulate nerve function, and promote blood circulation, which is a good way to exercise health.

  Precautions Warm up the body joints before kicking the scorpion.

Do not exercise immediately after a meal, wait for half an hour before moving on.

  The kicking scorpion should be gradual, gradually slower at the beginning, and gradually speed up through the movement.


How to pregnant warm the uterus

How to “pregnant” warm the uterus

Experts support Li Xiangyun, chief physician and doctoral supervisor of Longhua Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Teng Xiuxiang, chief physician of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. For an ambitious, young and beautiful you, fertility may be too far away.
Yes, passionate bisexual love, rich material enjoyment, and successful career foundation all require our full efforts. We cannot tolerate a crying “little thing” in the rushing journey.
  Therefore, when you are invincible and still have a tenacious seed germinating in you, it is only natural that you “strengthly” stifle him in the bud.
Dear sister, I have no intention to blame you, but I worry about you in pity.
It’s right to want to pursue something while you are young, and don’t want to be trapped by your children. The question is, do you know how to protect yourself and protect yourself?
  The womb is the place where love and life originate. It requires your gentle care and careful maintenance. Do n’t wait for your fame. When you include the “making man” plan in your life plan, you will find that “pregnancy” is in your overdraft.China has slipped away quietly.
  Throughout the experience, I should have everything, but I became the most unfortunate “pregnant” woman. My boyfriend and I were high school classmates, but spent four years in Acacia in universities in different cities.
The phrase “beautiful from distance” is sometimes quite justified. As a student, we did n’t have much money, so we did n’t meet many times. It ‘s hard to see the previous one.
When we fell in love, we all held our own defenses firmly.
But on a Mid-Autumn Festival night, we finally failed to hold our ground.
At that time, we didn’t understand anything and didn’t know how to prevent contraception. After each time, I was frightened and always couldn’t sleep for several nights. I didn’t settle down until the “big aunt” came.
However, I can’t hide myself if I want to hide. I’m still pregnant. The news scares me.
  I did n’t dare to go to the hospital. I had to go to the hospital for almost 3 months. The doctor took my temperature and I was having a fever. The doctor asked me to wait until the fever had dropped before I could be aborted.surgery.
The pain at that time really impressed me. The icy equipment was pounding endlessly in my body, as if to tear me apart, I felt like I was going to pass out.
The operation was finally over. He was so gentle to me that day, and I returned to school the next day, because there was a graduation reply waiting for me.
  After graduating from Guangdong, we went south to Guangdong, and just arrived in Guangzhou. We were unfamiliar with our lives. The wages we found were pitifully small, and we did n’t even have the money to rent a house. So on Sunday we started a busy life in both places.
But because of our youth and our dreams, we did not feel depressed. Like a clockwork robot, we worked desperately and saved money for a better life tomorrow.
  After working for one year, we finally had the money to rent a one-bedroom apartment. During the day, we were all busy with our own work. At night, my boyfriend’s passion for one day finally found an outlet for release.
Although we are very cautious and know that we must never have children in this situation, our contraceptive knowledge has not improved much. We can only use “safe period contraception” and “extracorporeal ejaculation” to prevent contraception.I’m pregnant.
After the flow of people, I hurried back to the unit to work, fearing that the leaders would see that they would work hard in the pretense.
The boyfriend is an old child at home and doesn’t know how to take care of others. The two of us together are also taking care of him.
After the flow of people, his biggest care is that I used to change his cooking to buy food.
I sometimes feel sad to think about it, wondering if he deserves to be entrusted to himself for life.
But I have become a habit with him. I do n’t know how to live without him. The key point is that he is a person with a very strong cause of career, a person who puts all his energy into work and career.People may overlook the details of other aspects of life.
  Every time he faced my complaint, he always “enlightened” me in the same tone: everything I do is for you and this family. Would you like your child to live in such an environment?
In order to give our children a wonderful home, we need to work harder and harder!
  However, due to postoperative loss of health, my health was greatly damaged, and I got chronic vaginitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.
Going to the big hospital is expensive and complicated. In order to save time and money, I have to go to a small clinic nearby, but I often get sick when I get sick.
  After much hard work, with my diligence and knowledge, I became a middle-level of an advertising company, and my boyfriend also established a foothold in the real estate industry. We bought a car in Guangzhou and bought a villa.
Our career has achieved a bumper harvest. After six years of marathon, our love has finally become a positive result.
In the autumn of October, in the envy and blessings of our friends and relatives, we became a happy couple.
  Happy days always fly fast, and we have been married for more than a year.
A big home really looks deserted. In order to have a cute baby as soon as possible, we no longer have contraception after we get married, and we take our mother-in-law to take care of our lives.
  But another half year has passed, and I still have nothing to do. I obviously feel that my mother-in-law looks at me strangely. It turned out that after dinner, my husband would always find some jokes that made me laugh and make me happy, but now he is sitting at the tableEat silently, don’t say humor and humor, just don’t say a few words, the dull atmosphere is really embarrassing.
  Looking at my colleague who married with me, the children are all running away, and we are still two people, can we say that we are sick?
I decided to check it at the hospital.
  After seeing the test results, I really wanted to cry without tears. The doctor said that I had inflammation and obstruction of the bilateral fallopian tubes due to pelvic inflammatory disease. There was no other cure except for IVF.
But I made IVF twice in one year and it all ended in failure.  Disappointment, pain, sorrow and embarrassment surrounded me. It was late at night. I didn’t want to go home. I wandered aimlessly on the street. I didn’t know where to go in the future.

  What’s more unexpected to me is that after ten years of suffering, we have been determined to trample on so many obstacles, but now the two of us have given up to each other in order to reproduce, and the contradiction has become deeper and deeper.

I don’t know who to blame, do I blame myself for not understanding the consensus knowledge, or am I too ignorant to care for myself?

I wonder if God will take care of me, so that I have a cute pink baby as soon as possible.

  Gynecological expert guide to solve the mystery of conception. For couples who are not contraceptive, 60% are pregnant within 6 months of marriage, 80% are pregnant within 9 months, 85%?
90% become pregnant within one year, and about 4% become pregnant the second year after marriage.

Having a normal sexual life after marriage, without contraception, living together for 2 years instead of conception, is medically known as infertility (infertility).

  Fortunately, the element of “pregnancy” is coming 1.

Your ovaries “produce” healthy eggs; 2.

His retina pill “produces” normal semen and contains a sufficient number of healthy sperm; 3.

Sperm and egg can meet in time in your fallopian tubes and combine into fertilized eggs; 4.

Your uterus has a suitable environment for fertilized eggs to implant in it and continue to grow . Don’t think that “infertility” is just a “problem” for women.

Your “he” may actually have to bear a large part of “responsibility”.

If you can’t “pregnant” as scheduled, there may be “him” reasons.

The environment is polluted, the pace of life is accelerated, and the pressure is unprecedented. Those invisible hands take away our health a little bit.

Our lives are getting better and better, but the living environment is getting worse.

Figures show that male sperm motility is now halved compared to 50 years ago.

According to statistics, of all infertility, 45% are caused by female factors, 25% are caused by male factors, 22% are caused by male and female factors, and 8% are unknown.

  In order to determine if it is his reason, it is best to let him do a semen test.

  If his semen examination is completely normal, that may be your reason.

  If you were pregnant and have difficulty getting pregnant now, this is called “secondary infertility” and it is relative to “primary infertility” that you have never been pregnant.

The main causes of female infertility are ovulation disorders, obstacles at the ends of the reproductive tract or fertilized eggs.

  The three internal muscles that successfully conceived 1: Maintain the body’s endocrine (hormones) balance and youthful vitality, maintain the normal menstrual cycle, follicular development, maturity, and replacement are all the result of the normal functioning of hormones, so normal secretion of hormones in the body becomesNecessary conditions for ovulation.

  Hormones control the menstrual cycle, so menstruation is a signal of whether the hormones are normal or not.

Dysmenorrhea, menstruation earlier or later, bleeding during ovulation, too much or too little menstruation, the body is calling you: I can no longer guarantee that the “pregnancy” power is normal, take a look!

  Note: You may not have ovulation during menstruation.

If your menstruation is abnormal for three consecutive months, you should see a doctor.

  The factors that affect the secretion of hormones and lead to ovulation disorders are as follows: First, the body is too fat or too thin.

In this century, skinny beauties are prevalent, so many healthy women are dieting hard. Although they are slim, they do not know that they are risking losing their “pregnancy”.

Adults are called “sexual minorities.” Without enough aunts in the body, the brain will gradually limit the production of a hormone called “lipeptin”, which will “shut down” the body’s reproductive system.

  Being overweight is not a good thing.

If women are too much in trace amounts, androgen will increase, the hormone ratio will be unbalanced, ovarian disorders will occur, and the probability of pregnancy will be metabolized.

  Second, there is too much stress and emotional anxiety.

According to research, when stress persists or often occurs, a large amount of a “correlation hormone” called cortisone is produced in the body, which increases tension.

Too much hormone secretion from a single breed will disrupt the hormone balance in the body, cause internal secretion disorders, and affect ovulation capacity of the ovary.

  Experts suggest: exercise regularly, learn to self-regulate emotions, and maintain a balanced mindset.

Quitting smoking, drinking and eating regularly, drinking milk regularly, eating soy products, fish, shrimp, etc., maintaining a standard weight is the key to balancing endocrine.

  Hypothesis 2: The healthier women’s bodies are, the better the egg quality, and the lower the probability of chromosomal mutations.

  The quality of the egg is guaranteed by your youth index.

There has been an experiment abroad: artificial insemination in vitro, the eggs of women over 40 and young men’s sperm are the first group, the eggs of women under 30 and men’s sperm are the second group, and the success of the second groupThe rate is significantly higher than the first group.
It can be seen that women’s fertility is more susceptible to age than men.
  Of course, age is a problem, and the surrounding environment is a key factor.

Vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, computer radiation, and chemicals are deadly stimuli.

In such an environment, the chance of chromosomal mutations in the egg will increase.

  Under such turbulent environmental pressures, we must protect ourselves. The physical age is not equal to the biological age.

If you are 35 years old, your physical condition may remain like 28 years old; or you may be only 28 years old, but work 14 hours a day, and three meals are always fast food in a loitering state. Such an overdraft may have reached your physical condition35 years old.

If you always humbly and prudently humble yourself and stick to the word “rules” even when you are busy, your youth index will be higher than your age expectation.

  Expert suggestion: We can guarantee in two ways.

The first is to enhance autoimmunity, reduce stress, ensure emotional stability, exercise regularly, eat three meals regularly, and ensure sleep is the basic principle.

The second is to reduce pollution, eat organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible, and put some green plants around, such as putting a pot of cactus that can absorb radiation in front of the computer.

  At least 3: Give the woman a warm home to live in the womb and rely on the umbilical cord to absorb nutrients from the mother.

If the uterine blood supply is impaired, or the living environment is insufficient, the threshold may be aggrieved and flow away.

In the process of abortion, if the endometrium is sucked and scraped so much that the endometrium cannot be repaired in a short period of time, this situation often leads to reduced menstruation or amenorrhea.

Repeated abortions in a short period of time can cause infections, uterine perforation, etc., cause menstrual disorders, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, and even seriously damage the endometrium basal layer, causing amenorrhea or slipping.

The damage coefficient of drug flow to women’s body depends on the medicine alone, and sometimes the abortion is not complete, and the residue caused by long-term retention in the womb may cause intrauterine infection.

If the intrauterine infection is not timely, it can go up to the fallopian tube, causing inflammation or dysfunction of the fallopian tube. Once the fallopian tube has a burn, it is easy to cause ectopic pregnancy or infertility.

The greater the number of premature abortions, the risk of ectopic pregnancy is preset.

  Expert advice: If you have ever had acute, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease (including endometritis, appendicitis, salpingo-ovaryitis), etc., I am afraid that your infertility is because of a fallopian tube problem.

If you have problems with fallopian tubes and other problems that cannot be measured by yourself, if the above conditions are consistent with you, you may need to ask a gynecologist to perform related auxiliary examinations to help the assessment.

Common methods such as uterine tubal fluid or angiography, laparoscopy and so on.

Three strokes of thin arm yoga make MM happy

Three strokes of thin arm yoga make MM happy

The excess meat on the arm is considered to be the most difficult part to remove, and this has caused many MMs to suffer.

Now I will introduce three types of thin arm yoga movements. These three types of yoga movements can not only eliminate excess meat on the arms, but also soften elbow joints and other parts, as well as correct the hump!

  Thin Arm Yoga Three Styles: 1.

Sit on your knees with your back straight and adjust your breathing.


On the left hand and under the right hand, the elbows overlap and the palms are held together.


Inhale, lean back, exhale, push your hands as tightly as possible above your head, stay for a few seconds, and take a deep breath.

Slowly return to step 2 and change hands again.

  Efficacy can eliminate excess meat in the arm, soften elbow joints, shoulder joints, prevent shoulder or back pain, and correct hump.

If you often have poor posture, it is recommended that you do it three times a day.

  The use of consciousness The change in sitting posture is focused on the arm. When the action is completed, the consciousness is concentrated on both arms, especially the muscles on the outside of the arm feel a complete fracture.

For beginners, if the elbows are stacked on top of each other, the palms cannot hold each other.

Cold water bath to treat nervousness?

Cold water bath to treat nervousness?

It is said that hot water bath can help people relax and eliminate fatigue. Now, some people say that cold water bath can also cure diseases, and people with symptoms of neurological disorders can also recover by taking a cold water bath.

is this real?

How can experts explain this?

  Experts have rich conditioning experience in the disease of nervousness.

Experts point out that nervous disorders (ie, neurasthenia), this kind of spirit is easy to excite, brain is easily tired, and neurotic disorders often accompanied by emotional distress and psychophysiological symptoms can indeed be treated with cold water bath.

  The cold water bath we are talking about is not extremely cold water.

Is the so-called cold water bath used at 10 ℃?
Wipe yourself at 20 ° C with water, shower or bath.

This process has the functions of clearing heat and calming, dredging qi and blood, regulating visceral function, excitement and strengthening the central nervous system.

If you can persist for a long time, it can improve the human body’s immunity, effectively regulate the function of the nervous system, and improve blood circulation and blood quality.

Especially in patients with neurasthenia, emotional depression, and sleepiness, cold water bath can not only increase the tension of the central nervous system, cause excitement, and eliminate the inhibition process of the cerebral cortex, so it has obvious therapeutic effects on neurological disorders.
  Experts have suggested that there are many forms of cold water baths, among which the lightest function is scrubbing (that is, scrubbing), followed by the shower, shower and bathtub, and the strongest is winter swimming.

Nervous debilitating patients must act according to their own body quality, choose appropriate bathing methods, and master the principle of gradual and gradual steps, and do not rush.

If you have any questionable details, you need to consult an expert in time.

  In short, it is a feasible method to fight the symptoms of neurological disorders by taking a cold water bath. Moreover, this natural health treatment is still common, and friends can boldly try it.

Six recommended stomach warming recipes after the Great Cold

Six recommended stomach warming recipes after the Great Cold

The sharp drop in temperature often leads to the onset of stomach pain, especially for those with cold stomach.

Therefore, when the temperature becomes cold, it is advisable to eat the products that disperse the cold in the warmth to dispel the cold evil, warm the stomach, reduce the muscle contraction and contraction of the stomach wall, and often be relieved by stomach pain.


Ingredients for good ginger porridge: 15 grams of galangal powder, 100 grams of rice.

  Production: First put galangal ginger in a pot of porridge, add 2000 ml of water, fry over medium heat to 1500 ml, remove the ginger residue, then add washed rice and cook with mildew to make gruel.

Take warmly.

  Efficacy: This porridge can warm the stomach and qi, disperse cold and relieve pain.

For spleen and stomach deficiency or feeling stomach pain caused by cold.

  Note: This porridge should not be served cold.


White pepper stuffed red dates material: 5 red dates, 10 white peppers.

  Production: First wash the red dates to remove the kernels, the white pepper is slightly cracked.

Then put 2 pieces of white pepper in each of the pitted red dates. When cooking rice, steam them on the rice noodles.

  Efficacy: warm the spleen, warm the stomach and relieve pain.

Suitable for cold stomach pain.


Ingredients for beef with ginger sauce: 75 grams of tender beef, moderate amount of ginger juice, 120 grams of rice, sugar and wine.

  Production: First, wash the tender beef and chop into minced meat, add ginger juice and wine, salt, sugar, oil to marinate.

Then, wash the rice and cook the rice. When the water is dry, add the marinated beef and simmer the heat.

  Function: Nourishing warm, dispel cold and soothe the stomach.

It is suitable for patients with spleen and stomach deficiency and stomachache with insufficient gas.


Cinnamon Amomum Stewed Ox Moon Exhibition Materials: 3 grams of cinnamon, 6 grams of amomum, 3 grams of tangerine peel, 250 grams of fresh cow month exhibition, 3 slices of ginger.

  Production: First remove the coarsely ground cinnamon powder, crush the amomum, brown the peel, and wash the ginger.

Niuyuezhan washed and cut into pieces, flying water to taste.

Then put all the ingredients into the stew pot, add the appropriate amount of cold water, simmer for 2 hours, season and eat.

  Efficacy: disperse cold in temperature, relieve qi and relieve pain.

  Note: This stew is not suitable for hot and hot stomach pain.


Ingredients for pepper mutton soup: 150 grams of mutton, 10 grams of pepper, 6 grams of tangerine peel, 15 grams of ginger.

  Production: Wash the mutton and cut into pieces, then fry the pan.

Then wash the pepper, rind, and ginger, put them in the pot together with the mutton, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it on the fire, then cook for 1?
Season for 2 hours.

  Efficacy: Helping Yang in the middle, dispersing cold and relieving pain.

Applicable to patients with stomachache due to spleen and stomach deficiency.

  Note: People with yin deficiency and heat should not introduce this soup.


Ginger tea material: 6 grams of black tea, 10 grams of old ginger, and moderate amount of honey.

  Production: Add black tea and old ginger and clear water to tea, mix with honey when warm.  Efficacy: Dispersing cold in the middle temperature, Jianwei digestion.

For stomach pain caused by cold evil.

  Note: Moist and hot stomach pain should not be used.