Health soup inventory: American ginseng and black chicken soup to protect the spleen and stomach

Health soup inventory: American ginseng and black chicken soup to protect the spleen and stomach

Do n’t drink old fire soup before meals.

  Many people think that drinking soup is a very simple thing. As everyone knows, only scientifically drinking soup can not only absorb nutrients, but also avoid accidental accumulation.

What do we need to pay attention to in this regard?

  As the saying goes, “Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy; drink soup after meals, drink more and more fat”.

Drink a few mouthfuls of soup before meals, which is conducive to food substitution and stirring, and promote digestion and absorption.

The most important thing is that drinking soup before meals can make the food in the stomach close to the stomach wall, enhance satiety and reduce appetite.

Drinking soup after a meal can easily lead to excess nutrition and obesity.

  How to drink soup before meals is also very particular about.

Laohuo soup, soup soup is actually not suitable for drinking before meals, because its oil and salt content is very high, drinking too much is not good for health.

It is best to choose a light vegetable soup that is refreshing and does not increase excessive conversion.

People who often feel bloating, heartburn, and acid reflux usually have poor digestion and repeated gastric acid secretion. It is not advisable to drink soup before meals because it is easy to dilute the gastric juice and is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.

  Special reminders are for patients with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and obesity. Try not to drink soup while dining out.

In addition to adding salt to the restaurant’s soup, add the same amount of chicken essence and MSG.

The sodium content of chicken essence is about half that of ordinary salt, and the sodium content of MSG is about one sixth of that of salt.

Therefore, those delicious and unusual soups are very high in sodium, which is bad for health.

  A variety of “dietary soups” are spread in the traditional folk traditions of health soup in the east, the south, and the north.

Such as catfish soup through milk, brown sugar and ginger soup to expel cold, mung bean soup to cool down and relieve heat, radish soup digestion and ventilation, Tremella soup tonic.

Soup can be said to be “cheap health insurance.”

Geographically speaking, Croatia’s southeast and northwest have different characteristics.

  Dong: Song Yuyu.

Song Yuyu is a famous soup handed down from the Southern Song Dynasty.

It is made by steaming and stripping the main ingredients of anchovy, adding shredded ham, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and chicken soup.

Catfish is rich in nutrition, tender and tender, and easy to digest, suitable for all ages.

  West: Hu spicy soup.

Hu spicy soup has a history of thousands of years. It originated in Henan and spread in Shaanxi.

Hu spicy soup is famous for its rich ingredients.

Beef balls, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots are the necessary ingredients, which meets the requirements of food.

In addition, pepper is added to it, which has the effect of increasing appetite and strengthening stomach and expelling wind.

  South: Ginseng Black Chicken Soup.

Cantonese people like to drink soup, and pay attention to drinking old fire soup. There are many kinds of old fire soup. Here we recommend a ginseng black chicken soup.

Black chicken is known as “precious dietary rare bird”, black chicken is called protein, B vitamins, amino acids and various trace elements, but its cholesterol and trace content are very low.

The American ginseng has the effect of nourishing qi, nourishing the stomach and regenerating fluids, can nourish the five internal organs, cure the weakness of the spleen and the stomach, and warm and nourish the blood.

  North: Sauerkraut Pork Ribs Soup.

The cold weather in Northeast China, drinking soup can axially drive cold.

People in Northeast China love sauerkraut. The refreshing sauerkraut soup can relieve oiliness and promote digestion.

Sauerkraut also contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria, which can maintain the normal physiological function of the urethra.

  The world’s three famous soups Drinking soups is a common hobby of the world.

According to the American “Recipe Encyclopedia”, there are more than 1,000 kinds of soup in the world.Among them, the “three famous soups in the world” are: Russian borscht with hot and cold food.

Essential for borscht is beef, tomato, beet, salt, sugar, pepper and lemon juice.

Complicated recipes include cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, celery and onions.

After the soup is cooked, it will be eaten cold and hot. It will be sweeter when eaten cold, and more sour when eaten hot.

  Appetizing Thai Tom Yum Goong Soup.

“Tom Yam” means hot and sour, “Gong” means shrimp, and Tom Yam Gong soup is made from lemon, pepper, curry, lemongrass, and is accompanied by shrimp, mushrooms and other ingredients. The taste is extremely fresh.

It has an appetizing and dampening effect, and softens blood vessels.

  Beauty French Mushroom Soup with Cream.

Creamy mushroom soup is rich and delicious, and has the function of beauty and beauty.

It all depends on fat and milk.

Keep stirring during production until it is sticky.

Chinese medicine believes that milk has the effect of moisturizing the skin, nourishing the heart and lungs, and antipyretic.

Mushrooms can improve immunity against aging.

  The first choice for ordering vegetable soup is to cook soup by yourself or order soup outside, which has a lot of knowledge.

  Many people like to cook soup on a small fire for a long time, and think that the nutrition of such food can be fully dissolved in the soup.

In fact, a moderate increase in soup cooking time does help release and absorb nutrients, but too long will destroy nutrition.

  First, the soup is made of foods that contain too much protein, such as meat.

The main component of protein is amino acid, heated 1-1.

5 hours is appropriate. If the heating time is too long, the amino acid will be destroyed, but the nutrition will be reduced, which will gradually lose its proper umami.

The soup that has been cooked for a long time, although it looks very thick, is actually the evaporation of water in the soup, taking away the essence of nutrition.

  For some foods, it takes less time to cook soup.

Such as fish soup, the fish meat is relatively tender, once the soup is cooked to white, you can continue to stew not only the nutrition will be destroyed, the fish will also grow old and thick.

Some people also like to put ginseng and other nourishing herbs in the soup. Because ginseng contains ginsenosides, it will decompose after being cooked for a long time and lose its tonic value, so the best time to cook soup is 40 minutes.

Finally, if you want to put vegetables in the soup, you must wait for the soup to be eaten later to reduce the loss of vitamins.

  It should be reminded that it is not necessary to order expensive herbs and ingredients such as ginseng, shark fin, sea cucumber and other soups when dining out.

Because these soups have some health effects, but relative to the price, they are a bit “deserved.”

It is best to choose soups made from fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fish, etc.

Feel the fourth type of emotion in a woman’s heart

Feel the fourth type of emotion in a woman’s heart

Muzi had an unsuccessful marriage.

This is too long for her to even ignore . she just wants to talk about the difficulties of being a single woman after divorce, and how she treats emotions and temptations.

  At the age of 37, I participated in a curio appraisal class. I met many classmates who like curio, including Lao Chen.

He is over 40 years old, and he is very kind. He is a leader in his unit, has made extensive friends and has a lot of knowledge. He also has a profound knowledge in antiques, jade, calligraphy and painting.

Since then, we often go to the thrift market together.

With the encouragement of Lao Chen, I and he co-invested to open a Chinese medicine specialty clinic.

  The cooperation between Lao Chen and me in our career is very tacit and happy. No matter what we do, we will trust each other and our accounts are clear.

In the years we have been together, I often think that Lao Chen has indeed given me a lot of help. Without his help and encouragement, there would be no me today.

I should also gain something from him. What should I return?

That’s what he wants. Besides, I’m not a little girl, and I’m not a married woman.

But whenever Lao Chen really asked, I refused without hesitation without exception.

This is primarily due to the education I received from childhood, my sincere resistance to extramarital sex, and another point is that I have an alternative sense of self-protection.

Because I know that once you get involved in this kind of relationship, you can’t extricate yourself, and it is women who are hurt in the end, especially single women.

Lao Chen, like many men, cannot give up his existing comfortable home. The affection of the children, this feeling outside of marriage is also a little condiment. What he seeks is to be satisfied outside during the day.It’s fun.

What about me?

In this contrast, I will double my psychological imbalance, and I will always feel lonely.

  After 6 years, after Lao Chen finally knew that all his expectations were hopeless, he decided to give up this effort and finally broke up with me.

  Although I had expected our ending to be like this, I really felt sad to see this ending, after all, we had a happy cooperation.

But it is also doing the right thing, which makes me even more confirm that my approach is correct.

Single night life of magic woman Single woman night, as many imaginations as you can, they can give you as many possibilities as possible.

To put it bluntly, they are living the same days with other people who are different from them. The difference is only inside and outside the siege.

  You have completely chosen the state of being single, and enjoy your freedom and independence.

If you hold it well, single life can be the best and most memorable time in your life.

  In modern cities, attractive women are not enough.

Modern men want magical women.

TCM explains the symptoms of kidney deficiency

TCM explains the symptoms of kidney deficiency

Symptoms of kidney deficiency in women. At present, more and more people are harassed by kidney deficiency. At one time, it was thought that kidney deficiency was only a man’s patent. However, women with kidney deficiency also increased significantly. Many white-collar women are the target of key kidney deficiency attacks.What is there

The following Chinese medicine gives you a detailed introduction to the symptoms of women’s kidney deficiency, female friends must be optimistic!


Incremental hair loss Once you have a black and beautiful hair, which many women are very envious of, do you not find that the recent hair has gradually become dry and thin and loses its luster?

Maybe you still use the best shampoo and hair care products, or professional care once a week, but why is this happening?

Then you have to think about whether your problem is related to kidney failure.


Get fat, get fat, get fat again. Did you find that your appetite hasn’t increased recently, everything is normal, but your weight keeps rising?

Even if you exercise every day, you still can’t see the effect of losing weight.

Although few people associate obesity with kidney deficiency, the truth is that one of the culprits in getting fat is kidney deficiency.


Sexuality is generally talked about in your early 30s, but you become a nun in a temple.

Kidney deficiency may be the culprit.


Eyelid swelling Did you find that your eyes were dry after waking up in the morning this time? Maybe you think it was the reason you worked too long at the computer the day before!

But if you look closely, is your lower eyelid swollen badly?

Be careful, these are the signs of kidney deficiency, indicating that your kidneys cannot overcome the production of urine and expel toxins in the body in time, and their functions are diminishing.


Menopausal harassment in advance of flushing, night sweats, prolonged menstrual cycles, emotional changes, etc. These symptoms are menopausal symptoms. If you find a 30-year-old, you should check whether your kidneys are defective.

Chinese medicine believes that the essence of deficiency syndrome is aging.

People with “kidney deficiency” who have been suffering from kidney damage for a long time are aging faster.


Afraid of the cold in the office, others always feel the right temperature, but you always hiccup, making it difficult for you and your colleagues to reach an agreement on the air conditioning temperature.

Also, do you always wear more clothes than others, and do you have diarrhea as soon as you get cold.

Chinese medicine believes that these are caused by kidney yang deficiency.

  Symptoms of kidney deficiency in women, if you are a female, if you encounter the above 6 phenomena, Xiaobian advised you to go to the hospital to check, so as not to know your kidney deficiency and delay treatment.

What is good for heart failure patients?


What is good for heart failure patients?

Heart failure refers to a pathological state in which the heart function changes and the blood volume discharged from the heart cannot meet the metabolic needs of the body tissues.

The majority of patients and friends, the treatment must choose the right hospital, choose the treatment, then in the diet, what is the heart failure patients to eat?

Heart failure patients are mainly small meals, food is easy to digest (digest food) to reduce the heart’s load, and limit sodium salts, prevent edema, and protect the heart.

(1) A small amount of meals: heart disease patients should not eat too much, the total daily heat energy is divided into 4?
5 interventions to reduce post-meal inhalation overfill and squat elevation to avoid increased heart workload.

Dinner should be eaten earlier, should be light, do not enter or eat less food and moisture after dinner.

(2) Limit sodium salt: This is an appropriate method to control excessive heart failure.

In order to reduce edema, you should eat less salt.

(3) should eat easily digestible food: patients with cardiovascular disease, should pass the blood circulation function, causing blood in the digestive tract, edema, affecting the digestion and absorption of food.

Therefore, the food you enter should be easy to digest.

Start with a liquid, semi-liquid diet, then switch to soft rice.

(4) should supply sufficient vitamins and appropriate amount of inorganic salts: such as vitamin b1 and vitamins (vitamin foods) c to protect the heart muscle.

Supply an appropriate amount of calcium (calcium food) to maintain normal myocardial activity.

Potassium has a protective effect on the heart, and when it is insufficient, it causes arrhythmia.

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